OMG! Whoopi Goldberg Shows Andy How to Roll a Joint

OMG! Whoopi Goldberg Shows Andy How to Roll a Joint

Best Teach Me Your Talent segment ever? Definitely.

By Hilary Hughes

We were secretly hoping she'd break out into song, don a habit and revisit "I Will Follow Him" from Sister Act, but when Whoopi Goldberg stopped by the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse, she didn't teach Andy Cohen how to hit the high notes—she taught him how to get high instead.

For WWHL's Teach Me Your Talent! segment, the View host and comedienne opted to roll "tobacco" and went to work on some oregano and rolling papers.


Here's a step-by-step from Whoopie for rolling the perfect "tobacco" joint: Take your fingers and the rolling papers; make a little "canal"; put the tobacco (or oregano) in there "nicely." "Just take your time. You ain't in a rush!" Then, pinch the sides of the paper together length-wise once the insides are evenly distributed, roll, and lick. Let it dry and smoke away! (Or don't, if it's oregano, because nobody wants to inhale a spice.)

This might be one of our favorite—and most educational!—Teach Me Your Talent! segment yet. How do you feel about Whoopie's joint-rolling technique? Leave your own tips in the comments.

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