Orlando Bloom Dishes on New (Nude!) Film

Orlando Bloom Dishes on New (Nude!) Film

The actor reveals he spends a lot of time naked on 'WWHL.'

By Chelsea Brady

Fans of famous actors may wish they'd get to see their favorite stars get naked, but how often do they get to ask them to do it — and get a response! On last night's Watch What Happens Live, a call-in viewer requested Orlando Bloom to bare it all on the big screen, and Bloom promised he will. Very soon.

"You're in luck," he says, "because earlier this year I spent about seven days on set wearing just a cock sock, because I'm nude."

Bloom revealed the non-stop nakedness was for "a film called Zulu, it stars myself and Forest Whitaker, it's directed by this fantastic French director called Jérôme Salle." The movie is set in South Africa, where the two actors portray detectives investigating a grisly murder that leads to truly horrifying discoveries.

"We premiered it in Cannes," Bloom says, "and you do get to see the full Orlando Bloom."

Watch Orlando Blooms talk about being nude in his new film and tell us in the comments: will you rush to the theater to see "the full Orlando Bloom"?


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