Paris Hilton Preps Kyle Richards for Fame

Paris Hilton Preps Kyle Richards for Fame

RHOBH star's niece helped her "to be a little thicker-skinned."

By Lauren Metz

Paparazzi frantically snapping photos and anonymous haters posting nasty comments online? Paris Hilton's been there, done that. But now that Kyle Richards has also ventured into the reality spotlight, socialite Paris is schooling her aunt in the fame game.

"I talk to her about it all the time. She's obviously gone through all this and she's become very strong," The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells New York Magazine. "And she told me people will make things up and they'll attack you, and it's very difficult. She's helped me learn to be a little thicker-skinned."

Throughout the season, Kyle received blogger smack for the way she treats older sister Kim. "When I had my argument with my sister, people were very angry about that. And it was so painful to me." It caused such a knot in her stomach, in fact, the petite brunette considered busting out the phone book to make amends. "I wanted to call each and every person and be like, 'No, let me explain!' But you can't," she tells New York Mag. "It's painful. I love my sister, and many people think I don't even care. But what can I do?"

Now knowing all the downsides of being in the public eye, Kyle quips, "I don't think anyone in their right mind really sets out for fifteen minutes."

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