Party Foul! Billionaire’s 300-Foot Yacht Destroys Cayman Reef

Party Foul! Billionaire’s 300-Foot Yacht Destroys Cayman Reef

 Tatoosh made an oops.

By Alesandra Dubin

File this one under, uh, oops. Billionaire Paul Allen’s superyacht Tatoosh just made a huge mess over in the Cayman Islands. There, its anchor chain dragged along a coral reef — and not just any reef, one an area designated an official Replenishment Zone by the local government — and destroyed (wait for it) 80 percent of the structure. This news comes according to the local Cayman News Service.

Apparently, Allen wasn’t on the yacht when the vessel created havoc. To refresh, he’s the Microsoft co-founder — and for scale, his humble boat ranks among the world’s top 50. 

According to Boat International, the ship comes in at number 49 and includes a massive owner’s suite with a full-beam bedroom, family room, observation lounge, office, gym, and two kids’ cabins. There are six cabins for guests on the lower deck, too.

As if one weren’t enough, the ship has (wait for it) two helipads — it would hardly be polite to leave out parking for guests. There’s also a swimming pool and a diving room with decompression chamber.

Shout out to Below Deck: An operation as massive as Tatoosh requires a crew of 30.

In an ironic twist, Allen’s investment firm, Vulcan Inc., backs projects committed to environmental preservation — but the Cayman news source says he’s not taking responsibility for the damage, instead blaming the local port authority for guiding his yacht into the area.

That's how billionaires do vacation drama.

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