Pee-wee Herman's Back — With the Most Fun Travel Movie Ever?

Pee-wee Herman's Back — With the Most Fun Travel Movie Ever?

This time, the magic screen is Netflix — so pull up your comfiest chair-y and watch at home.

By Alesandra Dubin

The not-so-secret word is that Pee-wee Herman is back… and we’re stoked enough to scream real loud! The famous character played by Paul Reubens is now starring in a new Netflix original movie — called Pee-wee's Big Holiday slated for a March 18 premiere. 

Of course this is great news in general for fans of the kooky, iconic character. But from the looks of the new trailer — just dropped today — it also looks like this movie could be poised to stake a place on the list of some of the most epic travel movies ever!

Indeed, the flick is called Big Holiday for a reason: From the two-minute trailer, we learn that Pee-wee busts out of his home town big time.

It all starts when he’s asked if he ever wonders what it’s like outside of little Fairville. To that he replies, “Nope! You know I don’t want to go anywhere or try anything new!”

But then a (hunky!) stranger (played by Joe Manganiello) comes into his life. And as movie magic would have it, the encounter sets up a wild escapade that launches our hero into all kinds of crazy travel situations as part of his first-ever holiday.

Where does Pee-wee end up? Well, from the trailer, we get a sense he wends his way through the woods, an Amish village, a snake farm… and New York City.

Means of transportation? Skateboard, bus, hitchhiking, car — and even a levitating umbrella.

So yes, this sounds like it’s going to be another big adventure (movie)... and maybe even rank among the most fun travel flicks in history.

So we say to you in that famous Pee-wee voice: We know you are (excited)... but what am I? Ha ha! 

Watch the tailer in all its glory here:

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