Rachel Zoe Sets Her Sights on Robert Pattinson

Rachel Zoe Sets Her Sights on Robert Pattinson

She dies for the undead! RZ takes vamps on vacation.

By Shallon Lester

With a closet full of couture, you might picture Rachel Zoe's DVD collection to be full of obscure French films or art house flicks. Wrong!

The Rachel Zoe Project star, who's expecting her first child, freely admits that when it comes to movies, she's bananas for blood suckers. While on a recent vacay, RZ blogged a pic of Robert Pattinson in full Edward Cullen mode lighting up her TV.

"My Twilight trilogy even rolls with me to Hawaii," she wrote. "The ultimate escape!"

So forget flats versus heels or real pearls versus faux — the big question we have for Rachel is: Team Edward or Team Jacob? This weekend at the Golden Globes, just the mere mention of Pattinson made Rachel's eyes light up like she picked the lock on Vogue's fashion closet, as Popsugar saw, so we're figuring she's firmly Team Edward.

So if Rachel were to win a cameo in the Twilight saga, who would you cast her as?

You know what Rachel's saying about RPattz, but what's everyone saying about her? Follow the buzz on all your favorite Bravo stars with our Tweet Tracker.

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