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Ramona Singer Reveals What *Really* Set Her Off in Her Argument with Bethenny Frankel

The #RHONY entrepreneur reveals whether she has any regrets about their major drama.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Did Bethenny Frankel Sleep Her Way to the Top?

There's always drama when The Real Housewives of New York City head to the Berkshires, and this season's getaway was no exception. After a season full of tensionBethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer finally came face-to-face to hash out their issues, which resulted in one of the most explosive arguments between these friends ever — and one of the most intense fights in Housewives history. 

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Ramona recently sat down with Jenny McCarthy to give her side of the showdown on her SiriusXM radio show, which she said she was "totally nervous" to relive when she watched Wednesday night's episode. "I know I'm a good friend to people, so when someone attacks that and says I'm not a good friend, that is like, whoa, and I just lost it on her," Ramona told Jenny. "I don't even remember half the things I said." 

The RHONY entrepreneur said that she was "sh**-ass nervous" to confront Bethenny in the Berkshires after their falling out when Ramona questioned the Skinnygirl mogul about her past nude movie scene and if she had talked to her daughter about it earlier in the season. So she admitted that she had probably drank more than she should have that night. "I was really walking on eggshells with Bethenny. Bethenny can be very intimidating, very threatening, very tough, and she wasn't giving me an inch for months," Ramona said. "And I was hoping here at the Berkshires we would have some sort of closure and go on to a better path."

But Bethenny's comment that Ramona hasn't been a good friend to her dashed all hopes of the two coming to a resolution in that moment. "She provoked me," Ramona said. "I just saw red, purple, green, and yellow, and every color in the rainbow, and I just lost it. I went on a tirade." 

Ramona's hurt over that comment drove her to say some things she wouldn't have normally said during that argument. "I was extremely hurt. I was so hurt, and I think I just lashed out because I was so, so upset," she said told Jenny. "Had I had my wits about me or a little less wine, I probably would have just walked out the room. That probably would have been the right thing to do, because why make something bad worse? Why make something escalate, because there's no going back sometimes." 

Bethenny gave her take on her big blow-up with Ramona in her latest blog on "I finally know how Ramona feels about me and why," Bethenny wrote. 

She also said that she "was happy to hear Ramona wanting to steer clear of me. That would be a good policy for life at this point. "I also thought Ramona did a great job at completely lying about the events of the previous night. Not one iota of how she recalled our discussion is true." 

Bethenny ended her blog by writing, "She sees the world through her crazy Ramona eyes." 

The RHONY mom went on to say that she believes their whole drama started because Bethenny felt like Ramona had "betrayed her" by bringing up her past nude scene in a movie, especially since the two had grown so close last season. Ramona also explained that she didn't mean to discredit Bethenny with her comments insinuating that she isn't responsible for her own success. "I'm a big supporter of women," she said. "I'm a woman's woman."

Is Ramona Attempting to Embarrass Bethenny?

Ramona said that it's instances like this argument and their past infamous beef on the Brooklyn Bridge, which was also brought up in their latest drama, that show that Bethenny is more vulnerable than people might think. "What people don't realize is that Bethenny can come across like this steel of armor, but really underneath, really down, down, down, down, really deep, she is a pussycat. But she has all this armor above it, it's just so hard to penetrate. And when she does start opening up, if you do one thing wrong or say one little thing wrong, she's like this: 'I knew it. I knew it. She's not a true friend. I can't trust her.' And that's when she starts shutting down," Ramona explained. "And I think because I do open my mouth [more] than most women to her, I do answer back, and I am unedited, it's hard for her to grasp that, understand that, and take that in." 

Even though we're all still reeling from Bethenny and Ramona's Berkshires drama, Ramona said she was actually "relieved" when she watched the episode because, "I thought it maybe would've been worse than what it was." She also hasn't lost hope that she and Bethenny can one day be friends again. "I think any relationship is repairable if two people want to repair it. It has to be two people together; it can't be one-sided," she said. "And throughout the season, you'll see interaction between Bethenny and I, and you'll have to see how we resolve it all." 

In fact, Ramona said that she believes that Bethenny seeming to distance herself from the group this season isn't just about their feud but also about the RHONY mogul's ongoing issues with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy. "Had I known that, I probably would have handled things differently, I think. I would have had more compassion," Ramona said. "When she said, 'You're not a good friend,' I would have realized she's lashing out because she's in so much pain in her own personal life. So people react to what's going on in their life." 

Knowing what she knows now, Ramona said that she would never have brought up Bethenny's past that set off this entire chain of events. "If I could take it all back and erase it all, I would do it in a heartbeat... Because I hurt her. Like I said, again, with Bethenny, she is very sensitive. She can say one thing to one person, and she doesn't think it's that bad. Say the same thing to her, and she's terribly upset," Ramona said. "I really hurt her. It was never my intention to hurt her, and that's what I regret. I never intended to hurt her." 

Bethenny wasn't the only one upset with Ramona after the Berserkshires vacation. Watch the hostess with the mostess, Dorinda Medley, react to her behavior, below.

The Berkshires Aftermath
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