Real Housewives of Orange County Fans: Born Leaders

Real Housewives of Orange County Fans: Born Leaders

Study tries to track what your viewing habits say about you.

By Rachel Stein

Is your DVR a window to your soul? Mindset Media thinks so. According to Advertising Age, the psychographic ad targeter (this is, apparently, a thing) looked at data from 25,000 television viewers, sifted through the tea leaves, and put together personality profiles for fans of a number of popular shows. Included in the group's study: The Real Housewives of Orange County. So who are we, in the eyes of psychographic ad targeters?

"Pugnacious people are 33 percent more likely to watch the show," according to the study. "These 'antagonists' are unafraid to tell others what they think and value honesty over keeping the peace...Leaders are another type of personality that gravitate to this show. Leaders are 25 percent more likely to watch. They are willing to take charge, of course, with a plethora of ideas and strong vision, and they deal with others inclusively, but decisively."

So, what: You think we like picking fights, Mindset Media? It looks like you're the one picking a fight with US! *Flips Table* ... Ok, maybe you have a point.

Pugnacious aside, the study sounds spot-on with the leaders point. Our OC Housewives speak their minds -- remember Vicki vs. Gretchen and Slade at the Season 5 reunion?

The study also suggests that Mad Men viewers tend to be creative, Gleeks are open-minded, and fans of The Office tend to think they're superior to everyone else -- RHOC fans, looks like you found your next fight.

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