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So What's *Really* Going on Between Julia Lemigova and Adriana de Moura? Here's What a RHOM Producer Says

We have a major update on The Real Housewives of Miami ladies following Season 4.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Daily Dish Rhom Adriana De Moura Julia Lemigova

From Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge to Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, The Real Housewives has given us some unforgettable friendships over the years. And the return of The Real Housewives of Miami for Season 4, which is currently encoring on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c, has given us yet another iconic BFF duo: Julia Lemigova and Adriana de Moura.

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In fact, these two might be some of the closest besties we've ever seen on The Real Housewives — and they've certainly caused a stir this season of RHOM, thanks to moments like that foot massage.

But there's a lot to admire about the camaraderie between Julia and Adriana, according to Pamela Gimenez, VP of Current Production on RHOM. "I think they have a really solid friendship. I think that, unfortunately, we don't see sometimes women supporting each other. There’s always conflict and drama. And, you know, we all have conflict and drama in our friendships, but I do see they are 100 percent the Thelma and Louise of each other," Gimenez told The Daily Dish in an exclusive interview in March. "People may look at that as, 'Oh, what’s going on there? Is there some sexuality in that?' And there isn’t. It’s more about, 'I’m your ride or die.'"

Of course, there is love between Julia and Adriana, which is something that can be found in all sorts of relationships, not just romantic ones. "Love is in so many of our relationships, right? In our relationships with our parents, our children, our husbands, our boyfriends," Gimenez said. "Everything is that source of loving someone and respecting them and having true ties to them. And I think that that is what you see between Julia and Adriana: Unconditional love for each other."

Julia opened up more about Adriana during a separate interview with The Daily Dish in February and said that having this strong foundation of a friendship helped them navigate whatever this season of RHOM threw at them. "The basis of any relationship, whether it's a relationship or friendship, you have each other's back. So it wasn't that difficult because we have something that real friends do: We have each other, and we have each other's backs," Julia shared. "So we are ready for anything, you know, good things, bad things, fights, or laughing. Whatever you give us, we are ready for it."

As Julia started to grow closer to the other women in this social circle, it could have threatened to derail her friendship with Adriana. However, Julia said that she didn't really feel like there was much jealousy on Adriana's part, as some of the other RHOM women have speculated. Rather, Julia said that she believed "Adriana kind of felt responsible for me" because she brought her into the group.

And if Adriana was envious, Julia said that "it was a cute jealousy, which stopped right away." Julia noted that being playful with people is just part of her personality. "I made a joke about it. Like, you know, I was saying, 'Come on, babe. I'm like a butterfly. But it's not, like, a flirtation; it's just, let me fly because I will always come back,' and she got it," Julia recalled, before adding that she also understood where Adriana was coming from. "You kind of want your friends for you."

With Adriana being one of the veterans of RHOM, she also gave Julia some advice on how to deal with the ever-shifting dynamics of the women as the newcomer entered into her first season of the show. "There is one thing which is very important, and please pay attention to it. Sometimes things could happen that friendships could be ruined because of stupid things. And this is very sad," Julia recalled Adriana telling her before they started filming this season of RHOM. "And I was very sure of myself. I knew that nobody would come between us because we have that bond. Of course, Adriana and I could fight. I mean, even husbands and wives, wives and wives can fight. [Fighting] is not a problem; it's how you deal with a fight."

Throughout the season, Julia remained loyal to her BFF, whether it was in Adriana's drama with Larsa Pippen or taking their friendship to the next level in a Housewives first, a "friendgagement." And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: Julia got down on one knee and presented Adriana with a ring to match her own during the girls' trip to the Hamptons in an effort to seal their commitment to one another as pals.

Julia told The Daily Dish where she got the idea for the "friendgagement." "I'm a spontaneous person. [Wife] Martina [Navratilova] always says that I'm kind of a little bit unpredictable and spur-of-the-moment. I change my mind and things kind of appear in my mind, and I think, 'Oh, I want this. This is cool.' And that's just what happened. We were shopping with the girls in the Hamptons, and I saw it was a symbolic thing. [There] was, like, a lot of different jewelry and things. And I was looking at it, and I saw two matching rings. One had a white stone, one had a black stone, kind of a yin yang personality, like Adriana and I. We're so different yet similar," Julia said. "So that kind of made me think of some nostalgic moments, special moments. And I thought, OK, so I got those rings. I hid them until the dinner. And then I just wanted to, you know, bring something positive. We had drama the night before, a fight, and I just thought, you know, let us set a good mood for the weekend."

It was important for Julia to solidify her bond with Adriana in this moment. "That was my friendgagement to Adriana to kind of formalize our 10 years [of] friendship and give a message to our other friends, to maybe trust each other more versus trust each other less and take care of each other, because if we call each other friends, let's not stab each other in the back and let's not set traps to each other. What's the point, you know?" Julia said. "Life is too short. Concentrate on the good things. Just like, get over bad things."

Friendships don't always survive a few episodes on The Real Housewives, let alone a full season and reunion, but back when The Daily Dish caught up with Julia earlier this year, she shared that she and Adriana were as solid as ever following RHOM Season 4. "If anything, it's made us stronger because, you know, our friendship was never on camera. We were never put through microscopes," she said. "And now, we see that no matter how much people could criticize us or try to break our friendship or pull us on another side, they will not succeed. So it's just fortified, if anything. You know, you go through different roller coasters in life. And this was one of them, and [it] just made us stronger."

Seasons 1 through 4 of RHOM are streaming now on Peacock. You can also catch RHOM Season 4 as it encores on Bravo Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c.

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