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RHONJ 'Best Friends for Never' Blogs: What the 'Wives are Saying

See what Teresa, Caroline and crew think about the big blowout this week.

By Mike Hess

Real Housewives of New Jersey

There's plenty to be said about the hostile Real Housewives of New Jersey episode last night. Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita got into it over T's tabloid stories, eventually leading to a drop-in from Caroline Manzo, who basically un-friended Teresa after a whole lot of finger pointing and yelling. So, with the dust (barely) settled, let's go straight to the sources and see what the ladies have to say about "Best Friends for Never":

There is No More Friendship

Jacqueline Says: "I was wondering if Teresa was just profiting from people's pity by benefiting from a big media scam while she was really living the high life or was my friend really in trouble, denying it to herself, suffering in silence and getting deeper in debt. I was starting to not respect her choices, and I really felt like I didn't know who she was anymore. I felt like I was always trying to justify her actions to everyone. So much about her life was being fabricated, so I had no idea what was real anymore. From what I was hearing from some of our mutual friends, I was starting to question whether or not our friendship was even real or if she just needed me as an ally on the show. I heard she wasn’t pleased with me because I wasn't joining her army in her fight against her family. Who in their right mind would help her fight her family, especially when we all had to work together? A true friend would help bring them back together. A true friend would never expect me to harm her family and start another war between them." Read Her Full Blog Post

Caroline Says: "I’m just going to say this -- you’ve all been watching and clearly there’s a great divide amongst the viewers. That’s fine and obviously expected. I’m not going to break things down and explain myself, you’ve got eyes and ears and I’m sure are more than capable of coming to your own conclusions; and whatever they are I respect them, that’s what makes the world go round. I have one simple request and that’s to stop the hate and arguing on social media sites. The show is meant to entertain, not cause World War III. A healthy debate is fine, hate is not acceptable; not towards me, Teresa, or any of the other ladies and especially amongst the viewers! Play nice with the other children!" Read her Full Blog Post

Teresa Says: "I didn’t know what they were saying and doing before I got there, and if I did, I wouldn’t have gone. When I got there, Jacqueline’s fake crying about the tabloid story of me possibly going to jail was my first indication that I was being set up. If she did really know me as well as she claims, she would know that if there was even a tiny possibility of me going to jail, I would be freaking out, especially to my friends. Who wouldn’t? I do believe that Jacqueline was upset and slowly breaking down, but it was not because of an obviously fake story that obviously didn’t bother me. So what was it? Maybe it was upsetting her that at the exact same time her ex-husband, John Madison “Matt” Holmes, Ashley’s father, who we saw on this episode, was arrested with his wife for a long list of things. Funny that Jacqueline -- great friend who tells her friends everything -- never said a word about it. She tweeted about Matt being investigated by the FBI, but didn’t say one word to her friends. What? Matt was actually arrested and that doesn’t need a conversation, but me not telling her about one of the million fake stories about me in a tabloid, that’s a huge breach of our friendship?" Read Her Full Blog Post

Melissa Says: "Even during her fight with Jacqueline, Teresa says everything is fine and she laughs. I don’t want to seem like I’m disregarding why Jacqueline is upset, I do understand that Jacqueline is looking for a true, open, and honest friendship. But until she decides she wants to talk, I have to respond to what she says, and she says everything is fine." Read Her Full Blog Post

Who do you think makes the best point? Take sides in the comments and get ready for next week's episode with this saucy little preview.
Hurt and Disappointed
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