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Erin Lichy Has "Worst Conflict" With Ubah Hassan Over Cell Phone Drama in New Sneak Peek

Erin Lichy broke down in tears during what she called "the worst conflict I’ve ever had in my life" with Ubah Hassan.

By Jax Miller

The Real Housewives of New York City ladies might be well into their Anguilla girls’ trip, but it’s stormy weather on the horizon for some of the ladies, as forecasted in a newly released preview.

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A sneak peek of RHONY Season 14, Episode 11 shows a surging showdown between Ubah Hassan and Erin Lichy. The clip opens mid-drama, revolving around an upset Ubah keeping Erin’s sunglasses in response to Erin previously hiding Ubah’s cell phone.

What happens in RHONY Season 14, Episode 11?

RHONY fans might recall a scene from the show’s First Look where Ubah takes Erin’s sunglasses from her face and yells, “Take these off when you’re talking to me.”

“That’s not OK, to scream in someone’s face like that,” said a tearful Erin after Ubah headed out the door in the recent clip. “It’s not OK, like, thank you for ruining my last day.”

Erin Lichy looking tense while in The Hamptons while filming RHONY

Brynn Whitfield and Sai de Silva tried calming Erin — who called it “the worst conflict I’ve ever had in my life” — before the group headed for a rum-soaked afternoon excursion.

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“I have no idea what’s going on with her, and I didn’t even know she had this side,” Erin told RHONY producers. “That’s exactly what my kids do. They yell at each other, and they grab things, and they say, ‘Give me that’ and ‘Give it back.’”

Ubah then got behind the wheel of a golf cart with Brynn and Jessel Taank in tow, while Jenna Lyons drove separately with Erin and Sai. Jenna did attempt to get Erin’s glasses from Ubah before riding off, though Ubah refused, avowing to keep them for 45 minutes (the amount of time Erin claimed she hid Ubah’s phone the previous night).

Ubah even set her alarm to mark when Erin could have her glasses back.

“I think it’s like high school,” Jenna later said. “It just feels really petty to me.”

Brynn told Ubah her delivery was all wrong when Ubah began yelling to make an otherwise "valid point."

For Ubah, Erin hiding her phone was a huge no-no. She reminded producers that she traveled quite a bit and that she and her family had a routine where Ubah would check in with loved ones every morning and every evening as a safety measure.

“It’s not easy to be a single girl in the world, and I’m so sick and tired of people not thinking of single girls,” Ubah said.

While en route to the beachside bar, Erin told Jenna and Sai that hiding Ubah’s phone was “a truly innocent prank” in response to Ubah pushing her into the pool. Still, Ubah wasn’t laughing.

Ubah Hassan, Brynn Whitfield and Jessel Taank in Anguilla on The Real Housewives of New York City

At the seaside bar tensions continued once Ubah’s phone alarm rang, a sign for her to return the sunglasses to Erin.

“Instead of getting so mad, talk to me like a normal friend,” Erin, now wearing her shades, told Ubah from across the bar.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Ubah responded, still unhappy with Erin. “I’m not your kid.”

Despite Jenna and Brynn’s attempts to diffuse the situation, Ubah maintained Erin was “a spoiled brat.” Ubah also accused her of “abusing” Brynn, based on past conflicts between Erin and Brynn, including the pair’s Sag Harbor lunch fight, Brynn’s supposed flirty comments to Erin’s husband, and accusations that Brynn lied about her egg-freezing comments.

The fight gets intense enough for Erin to leave the bar, with the tension shocking the other women.

“I’m trying to play referee here, but Ubah is someone that you just don’t mess with,” Sai said. “Once you make Ubah hot, there’s really no turning her off.”

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