Rumpy Pumpy Is Destroying Lisa Vanderpump's House!

Rumpy Pumpy Is Destroying Lisa Vanderpump's House!

The RHOBH star says her new Golden is "a very naughty bear of a dog."

By Hilary Hughes

Though Giggy will always be the apple of Lisa Vanderpump's eye, the latest canine addition to the Villa Rosa household—Rumpy, her adorable new golden retriever puppy—is fast becoming the man of the house. He may have been cute and cuddly when Ken first surprised Lisa with the pup, but he's since turned into a teething monster that's ripping her palatial place to shreds.

Lisa sent over a photo of Rumpy Pumpy's carnage (below), and it looks like her sofa received the brunt of the growing golden retriever's teething angst.


So how is Rumpy getting along with his new canine siblings? "I have to keep them separate," she says. "This [photo was taken] a couple of weeks ago when he was tied as they all ate their breakfast, he wasn't alone more than ten minutes! He could do an entire sofa in half an hour! He is actually a very naughty bear of a dog and is outside all day with our gardener who tries to exhaust him, walking and playing ball to no avail. He normally takes me for a walk at the end of the day, too."

Have you got any tips or tricks for Lisa and Ken as they try to train Rumpy Pumpy? Let us know in the comments! 

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