Stassi Schroeder Has Had a Lasting Impact on Jax Taylor — and It's Super Dark

Stassi Schroeder Has Had a Lasting Impact on Jax Taylor — and It's Super Dark

The #PumpRules bartender has put some thought into what he would do in a real-life Purge, thanks to his ex.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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Here's How Stassi Schroeder Has Rubbed Off on Jax Taylor

It's been years since Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder famously dated and — perhaps even more famously — broke up. But there's at least one thing that has stayed with Jax from his time with Stassi: his "dark heart." 

The Daily Dish asked Jax "one weird question" about what he would do if there was a real-life Purge, you know that fictional 12-hour period where all crime is legal, even murder, as depicted in The Purge movie series? Jax said in this hypothetical scenario that he wouldn't just kill someone. "Me, I would torture. I'm a torturer. I think I got that from Stassi. She taught me everything I know in torturing people," he told The Daily Dish. "Stassi has rubbed off on me a little bit." 

Stassi has never been shy about her interest in murder and all things macabre. She's also always had a very, shall we say, vivid way of describing her displeasure with others on Vanderpump Rules, too.


So how would Jax torture someone during the Purge, exactly? "Put you in a box where you can't stand up or lay down for the rest of your life," Jax described. 

But this is all assuming that Jax would even survive the Purge. He guessed that he would probably be at the top of the list of people to take out among his ex-girlfriends. "I'd be the first to go. Are you kidding me? They'd kill me in two seconds," Jax said. "They'd probably have a line." 

Lucky for Jax, the Purge isn't real, so he should be safe from the wrath of his exes. 

Let's not forget that Jax and Stassi did share a touching moment earlier this season of Vanderpump Rules. Relive all the tears, below.

Jax's Tearful Apology to Stassi
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