7 Things We Learned About Steve Carell on Inside the Actors Studio

7 Things We Learned About Steve Carell on Inside the Actors Studio

And one thing we learned about The Office's Michael Scott...

By Rachael Roberts

You may feel like you already know Steve Carell from his portrayal of the hapless Michael Scott on The Office, or the endearing 40-Year-Old Virgin in the Judd Apatow hit, but get ready to go deep with America's favorite funny man. Didn't know he was a mailman (who got lost on his first day...during Christmas)? Well, now you do.

Learn all that and so much more about The Big Short star, below. 

1. He was a mailman.

Neither rain nor snow nor dark of night will stop Steve the mailman. But getting lost sure will. (This reminds us of the time Michael Scott drove his car into the lake...)

2. He played the fife in Revoluntionary War reenactments.

Oh, to be one of those people stumbling out of a bar at in the wee hours of the morning only to see a red coat-wearing Steve Carell. Yes, that happened. Apparently in his days of Revolutionary War reenactments, the Union wasn't authentic enough for Steve and he switched sides to fight for the British. Hear all about his time as a red coat above. 

3. His friendship with Stephen Colbert is the cutest.

Steve and Stephen go way back — did you know that Stephen got Steve his Daily Show gig? Watch him wax poetic about his bestie and try not to say, "Aww!"

4. He and James Lipton were both in 'Deep Throat'

Just kidding! Find out what movie they both featured in above. We'll give you a few hints: witches, Will Farrell, and the '60s.

5. His dating game consisted of talking about 'The Three Stooges.'

So, he didn't have the strongest dating game...but guess who's laughing now? (To clarify that would be Steve Carell.) See him explain why Larry was the Stooge for him, above. 

6. Paddling a fake canoe changed his life

Watch Steve explain why paddling a canoe in a first grade Thanksgiving play gave him the acting bug. 

7. He's wiling to literally set himself on fire for comedy.

While filming Bruce Almighty, a scene required his head to light on fire and all the studio had on hand in case of emergency was a wet towel...terrifying. 

8. Michael Scott just wanted to be loved.

Okay, not technically about Steve, but important nonetheless! The comedic star speaks out in defense of the "losers" he tends to portray. 

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