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The Daily Dish Summer House

Danielle Olivera Says Her Friendship with Lindsay Hubbard Was "Incredibly One-Sided"

Find out whether the two were able to make amends in their friendship before the Summer House Season 7 reunion concluded.

By Shannon Raphael

Season 7 of Summer House officially concluded with Part 2 of the reunion on June 5, and cast members Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Mya Allen, Ciara Miller, Chris Leoni, Gabby Prescod, Samantha Feher (and Sam's boyfriend, Kory Keefer) all had one final opportunity to resolve their outstanding issues with one another before leaving the set. 

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Kory and Sam discussed how their connection went from a summer fling to a full-blown relationship, while Mya and Danielle opened up about their respective breakups. Danielle also addressed the status of her friendship with Lindsay, which fell apart as the summer went on. Find out what the former besties shared about some of the problems they encountered, as well as where they stand today. 

Why Lindsay Didn't Reach Out to Danielle After Her Split From Robert

During Part 2 of the Summer House Season 7 reunion, Danielle revealed that when she broke up with chef Robert Sieber in the fall of 2022, she heard from everyone in the Summer House cast — except for Carl and Lindsay.

"I didn't reach out to Danielle. I wasn't sure that it was confirmed, to be honest..." Lindsay explained, adding that Danielle had been spending time in Aspen, which is where Robert works in the winter, so she wasn't sure if the two had gotten back together. "I was just not very sure what was going on."

Split image of Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera at the Season 7 Summer House reunion.

The Question of Danielle Projecting Her Relationship Issues Onto Lindsay and Carl

Danielle went on to address whether she felt like she was projecting onto Lindsay and Carl since she was having problems with her own relationship. In case you need a refresher, Danielle felt like she had been cut out of Carl and Lindsay's lives when the latter two began dating, while Lindsay wasn't happy when Danielle questioned how fast the pair was moving in their relationship.

"I would never do that in a friendship," Danielle explained about the projection claims. "My relationship has nothing to do with me not wanting my best friend to have the happiest, most successful relationship."

Lindsay, however, said that she spent the summer and the fall trying to figure out the "root of the issue" with Danielle, and she felt like projection was a part of that. 

Danielle's Issues with Lindsay

Paige's Potential Role in the Drama Between Danielle and Lindsay

After the projection conversation, Danielle explained, "I had realized over the summer that our friendship was incredibly one-sided."

"All you heard was me being critical about your relationship, and I was discarded from the jump," she continued. "Honestly, Lindsay, what is the real problem here? Was it [that] I said you were moving too fast coming from me, or was it that you got that information from Paige, who you don't like, and who you know that she doesn't like you?"

Carl Excluding Danielle From His Proposal to Lindsay

Though Danielle and Lindsay weren't on the best of terms throughout the summer, the fashion app co-founder was still hurt when she learned that Carl had proposed to Lindsay without telling her.

Carl, for his part, said, "I was never out to try and hurt you or leave you out of something that was for us."

From there, Danielle went on to explain why she reacted the way that she did at their engagement party. "I was beside myself, and I was really hurt," she said. "In my mind, I would have loved to have been the person to organize a lot of it. I would have loved to be the person to [be involved] in any way, shape, or form."

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke at the Summer House Reunion

Danielle's Apology to Lindsay

Ultimately, Danielle apologized to Lindsay for talking about her hurt feelings at the engagement event, and Lindsay accepted. Though Lindsay initially said that she didn't understand why Danielle was so offended by being left out of the proposal, she later changed her tune.

"I, of course, can understand why her feelings would be hurt," Lindsay said. "I would also want to be a part of any of my friends' big, monumentous [sic] milestone occasions."

Where Danielle and Lindsay Stand Today

Lindsay and Danielle ended the summer with a heated argument, but there could be a path forward for the two in their friendship.

In the final few minutes of the reunion, Lindsay acknowledged that she doesn't think that Danielle has "bad intentions" regarding her relationship with Carl. And while Carl and Lindsay wouldn't share who would be on their wedding guest list from the Summer House cast, both Lindsay and Danielle said they want to move forward.

"My issue has never been with you guys as a couple," Danielle said. "I've had an opinion about you, but I will always support you, and want your happiness. 'Til the day I die. I just want this friendship to, at least, start something new, and to figure us out because that's what's been missing in my life, and I'm sure in yours."

Lindsay agreed, saying, "Even though we kind of got off-track, I think that the bond that we have is special. There's a reason that we formed that bond, and I'm hopeful that we can find a version of that after this."

After expressing their mutual desire to work on their friendship, Danielle and Lindsay did just that. In the closing seconds of Part 2, a text that Carl sent to Andy flashed on the screen.

"Wanted to share the live update," Carl's message read, which was accompanied by a photo of him with Lindsay, Danielle, and Gabby. "Got Lindsay and Danielle at dinner! Will keep helping things along. What a day. Thanks again for your guidance and support. Appreciate all that you do!"

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