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The Daily Dish Summer House

Summer House's Lauren Wirkus Reveals If She Would Ever Rekindle Her Romance with Carl Radke Again

We may not have seen the last of this Summer House fling.

By Laura Rosenfeld
The Biggest #SummerHouse Regrets

Could the third time be a charm for Lauren Wirkus and Carl Radke? The Summer House roomies have gotten romantic on-and-off over the past two seasons with everything coming to a head and then a resolution in Season 2. 

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But if you're feeling a strong sense of déjà vu right about now, you're not crazy. Lauren and Carl ended things in a not-too-dissimilar place in Season 1 when they ultimately decided to call it quits before deciding to date again in New York City the following fall. As Summer House fans know, they broke up again before Season 2 but then started getting flirty once they were back in the house. But again, they ultimately decided to just be friends. 

Lauren opened up about the turning point with Carl this season that made her realize he's maybe not the right guy for her during an interview with The Daily Dish prior to the Summer House Season 2 finale and reunion. "Some things were said, ultimately, that I really was disappointed with. I think Carl was really truthful in private with me about our relationship, he was very honest and open, but to the public and to our friends and to everyone else, he wasn't so truthful with what our relationship was, and that really hurt me because I looked at him like, take away the romance, you are a really good friend to me, and if you're not even truthful about who I am to you as a friend, it just was really upsetting. And then to feel like, on top of it, he was misleading me when it came to what he was looking for, I hit a boiling point. There were so many lies, basically, that I just couldn't take it anymore," Lauren explained. "I realized after my family was there that I have to stand up for myself and I can't keep allowing our private conversations and him telling me everything I wanted to hear to be true because to the public and to our friends and to our housemates, he wasn't being that way. So I just hit a breaking point. I didn't want to have the rest of the summer be marked by that."

So does this mean we should rule out any future romance between Lauren and Carl? "Right now, we are just friends and that is the best place for us. I am a firm believer that I don't know whatever's gonna happen. Like I have other exes that I have given chances to because I don't [make] connections with people easily. I just don't walk on the street and want to go on a date with this person and have chemistry," Lauren told The Daily Dish. "So for me, I never say never, but right now friends is the best place for us." 

Carl agreed that his friendship with Lauren is now "in a healthy place" during a separate interview with The Daily Dish. "I think there's a lot of things that will always be discussed and talked about, [and] I hope the past doesn't influence the future. I really hope that we can start fresh," Carl shared. "I just feel like we all deserve a little bit of compassion. And she has given me that. But I think for the most part, I get treated like I'm this perfect person, and I'm obviously not. I'm very flawed. But I try to just admit to things, own things, and talk about it because that's the best way to get through it." 

Looking back on all of the ups and downs with Lauren this season of Summer House, Carl shared that he would have done things differently in their relationship. "I definitely didn't handle myself in the best way with her," Carl said. "I think she's a great girl, I've always had a really good time with her. We have great chemistry. But truthfully, I am not ready for a relationship, and I've learned that over the last seven, eight months, if not longer." 

But overall, Carl said he's glad that Lauren is still in his life. "She's been really supportive of me. She's definitely had my back in a lot of ways. In moments you don't see on camera, she's been really good to me and my mother," he said. "All I know is me and her do really have a genuine relationship. We have really good conversations. We laugh a lot. We ultimately have a lot of fun. My [stance] is I'm not ready for a relationship, and I'm really adamant about that. I urge her to go meet people and have fun because I support her in all her endeavors. I think she deserves that. She is a great girl. She's got a lot of talent. She's gonna do really great things in this world. But right now, just because I'm not interested in something doesn't mean I'm the bad guy."

Watch Carl clear up another buzzy moment from Season 2 of Summer House, below.

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