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The Daily Dish Summer House

So, Did Anyone from Summer House Actually Read Kyle Cooke's 17-Page Email? Carl Radke Reveals All

Plus, the Summer House bachelor shares his thoughts on Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's relationship and future together.

By Hannah Fusaro
All The Tea From Kyle Cooke's E-mail Everyone Can't Stop Talking About

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When you live in close quarters with people, it's important to get things off your chest and say how you really feel — but on Season 3 of Summer House, Kyle Cooke may have taken that a tad far. The season premiere began with the revelation that Kyle sent his housemates a 17-page email airing his grievances with the crew over the way he felt they treated his girlfriend (now fiancée) Amanda Batula. Naturally, the Summer House gang was a little taken aback by the email, and now Carl Radke is revealing to The Daily Dish podcast whether he actually read it in its entirety.

"I don't think I've ever sent a five-page email," Carl said, confessing that he didn't read the whole thing. "I will tell you how I read the email, which was 'control-'F' and type in 'Carl.' Just search for your name."

But perhaps if Kyle had expressed his thoughts via a different outlet, Carl would have heard him loud and clear: "I like a good book... if Kyle did it on an audiobook, I would have listened to it on the subway. But 17 pages would probably be like a half-hour podcast."

He said that he now thinks Kyle should have handled the situation differently. "Originally, when he said he was going to send the email, I was like, yeah, maybe you just get some stuff off your chest and that's maybe the route you want to go, but I think individually he had different things to say to each person," Carl explained. "My typical mode of conversation is, hey, let's grab a coffee, obviously there's some stuff we need to talk about. My problem with emails and even texting is that a lot gets lost in the medium, in the message, and a lot of emotion and/or lack thereof emotion gets lost so it would have just been easier to sit people down and talk to them individually before the summer started. I don't blame him for the email but, dude — 17 pages. "

Yes, Kyle Cooke DID write a Seventeen Page Email to His Summer House Mates

So did anyone reply to the infamous email? "Lindsay [Hubbard] replied. It was sent from her iPhone, but it was, "What the eff, Kyle!!!'" Apparently, though, Lindsay was the only one to respond: "No replies; it just created a whole spring and summer of awkwardness. The email heard round the world."

Like the rest of his housemates, Carl has strong feelings about Kyle and Amanda as a couple, and he shared them with The Daily Dish podcast. "I think they're amazing together. I think obviously being in a summer house, dating and/or moving in together, they've been through a lot of life changes right in front of us, so I give them a lot of credit for doing that," he said. "Also just being around a party: Some couples just tend not to be as fun when they party. I think Kyle's toned it down just a little bit but I certainly haven't lost my friend. So that's good; she lets him kind of be himself but he definitely needed to grow up a little bit. So I'm excited for them; I really do like them together a lot. I think a lot of people have questioned the validity of their relationship at certain points and how serious are they, but I really think they're in it for the long haul. I think they're gonna be great. I've met both their parents... I'm just hoping I get [invited] to the wedding."

In fact, Carl even has a prediction for the couple: "I'm calling for a baby from them... a Summer House baby."

Well, let's slow down there, Carl: We have a whole season ahead of us and in Episode 2, they're nowhere near engaged yet. Preview next week's Summer House episode below and make sure to tune in to The Daily Dish podcast on Thursday, March 7, when Carl sits down and shares more thoughts about his housemates and the drama to come.

Lindsay Hubbard and Kyle Cooke Address the Elephant in the Summer House
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