Surprise: Below Deck's David Bradberry Is Engaged!

Surprise: Below Deck's David Bradberry Is Engaged!

The deckhand also reveals his past in the adult entertainment industry.

By Kevin O'Donnell

On last night's episode of Below Deck, viewers were in for a big reveal: David Bradberry got engaged to his boyfriend Trevor Knight.

Knight proposed to David over Skype and he happily accepted.

"It was so unexpected," Dave tells Bravo. "We had never really even talked seriously about getting married, so it was very much a surprise. Trevor says it took me being away from him during charter season to realize how much he needed me in his life. The proposal way very impromptu. I was blown away."

That's not the only surprise revelation that Dave has shared. On last night's episode, he opened up about his past working in pornography, an industry in which Trevor currently works.

"I'm certainly not proud of the fact that I worked in adult films, but I'm not ashamed of it either, which makes it significantly easier to communicate to new peers," he says. "I try not to go through life with regrets. People make decisions and they aren't always good ones. It's what we learn from those choices that matters in the end."

As for their upcoming wedding, Dave says the two are planning a date now that Proposition 8 has been overturned. "Trevor's dream wedding is in Boston Harbour," he says. "And we'll certainly keep our friends, fans, and followers informed."

Send your mazels to the happy couple and watch Trevor propose below!

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