What Caused Susan Sarandon's Twitter Feud with Debra Messing?

What Caused Susan Sarandon's Twitter Feud with Debra Messing?

"Debra just has too much time on her hands," the actress said on #WWHL.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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Susan’s Twitter Feud with Debra Messing

The 2016 presidential race is heating up, and even celebrities are getting in on the debate. Susan Sarandon and Debra Messing found themselves in a bit of a Twitter spat at the end of March after Susan, an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, appeared on MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes saying that she didn't know if she'd vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump should she receive the Democratic nomination.

Debra, who has been vocal about backing Hillary in the election, began tweeting in response to Susan's comments on All In, and the then two got into a spirited debate on Twitter, defending their views and respective candidates.

When Susan appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, she gave viewers a bit more insight into what was going on in her head when this heated exchange with Debra went down over social media. "Did I talk to her offline? No, it was enough to talk to her online," Susan told a WWHL caller (clip above).

Susan went on to explain that the whole thing began after she did the All In interview and many online outlets picked up the story with a misleading headline implying that she would vote for Donald over Hillary. Some of these websites eventually corrected the headline, but Susan said Debra still seemed to get caught up in her comments. "Debra just has too much time on her hands," Susan told Andy Cohen. "She just kept going and going and going."

And Susan, who said she didn't know Debra before their Twitter feud, was not having any of that. "Then finally after a while I said, 'OK, Debra. Look, just report me to the homeroom teacher, and let's just stop,'" she said. "But she did not. But I haven't talked to her since."

As for Debra, she may or may not have tweeted something shady at Susan in return. One user tweeted to Debra, "That woman is throwing you serious shade on @BravoWWHL" during the episode, to which Debra replied, "who?" But after the same user sent Debra a link to view Susan's WWHL comments, she has yet to respond.

But at least Susan said she learned a valuable lesson from this whole ordeal. "What it taught me was that this hysteria that has happened around this election cycle is so much about just people picking up on stuff and not really finding out the facts, not really knowing what they're talking about," she said on WWHL.

Susan also had a lot to say about everything from tattoos to parenting to smoking too much weed on WWHL. Check it out, below.

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Susan’s Solicited Advice
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