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Sutton Stracke Reveals Her Biggest Regret from RHOBH Season 10

The RHOBH friend kept it real when asked about her rookie season.

By Jocelyn Vena

That's a wrap — and now Sutton Stracke is offering her take on her rookie season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Season 10 marked Sutton's entry into the group as Lisa Rinna's rich friend, and along the way viewers got to know more aspects of her life and hear her sassy quips.

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So, in looking back, does she have any regrets? "Well I mean, besides not wearing enough makeup, that’s the biggest regret. I’m like s--t, these girls wear so much makeup, why? And then I was like oh, that’s why. I see. I see now. So that’s kind of been fun to watch all season," she told The Daily Dish in a phone interview earlier this season.

She also had a new take on the moment when she was shady to Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and called her "boring."

"I mean, I regret kind of rolling my eyes about Teddi being pregnant. It’s not what I intended. Of course I’m gonna regret anything that would make somebody cry and get very upset. That’s just not my personality. It was a stupid joke that didn’t go over at all. I definitely regret that for sure," she shared in a phone interview back in April.

And while the Rome trip was emotional for many, Sutton actually kind of enjoyed packing her bags and heading to Italy.

Here's why: "A favorite moment. Honestly, this is such a weird one. Well I had so much fun in Rome. And everybody was like, you’re devastated. And I’m like, I’m having fun. I feel like I missed the mark in Rome. Like, why are we all crying because I’m like, 'We’re in Rome and I don’t have any children around me! So, this is awesome!'"

Another top Season 10 moment for Sutton took place at Dorit's party in the finale.

"I think there’s this one moment and it was when we filmed at Dorit’s, at her party. There’s a moment when Lisa and I were sitting on the sofa together. And actually, it was all of us together. Denise didn’t come. But it was just the seven of us together. And I thought this is the group. This is great. I really loved in that moment [there] was just, there was like a thing. And somebody said something, and Lisa and I both just kind of fell back on the sofa together looking up at the sky like, 'Oh my god [laughs], this is crazy.' I think we were holding hands. And I loved that moment. It was real.  And I felt like I was a part of something. I think for the first time with all of the girls, I really felt like a part of the group. Truthfully, it was nice," she recalled.

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Sutton also learned a few things about herself from the experience of seeing herself on TV.

"Well one, I think I need to learn how to say 'thank you' and accept a compliment and not be like shy or weird about it. And then also, I think, maybe my sarcastic wit can be a bit too strong at times and, and I could maybe reign that in a little. Maybe. Or not. I don’t know," she said. "I don’t know. I think so far I come off kind of as a tough cookie and I have a very vulnerable side to me, and I get my feelings hurt really easily. I’m kind of a big crybaby. I am the crier of the group, I feel like [laughs], and I just came in really strong. Maybe as a protective measure? And then once I start softening up and getting to know these girls and I think there’s a more vulnerable side to me that I don’t usually share so easily. But I did. And it opens me up and then I can get my feelings hurt."

More from Sutton, below.

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