See 60 (Almost) Nude Models Take Over SXSW

See 60 (Almost) Nude Models Take Over SXSW

A scantily-clad squad took to the streets in honor of the upcoming series #Stripped.

By Laura Rosenfeld

All eyes are on SXSW this week, and our upcoming series Stripped certainly gave people something to talk about. 

We stunned unsuspecting SXSW attendees when our flash mob of 60 models suddenly stripped naked — well, down to their flesh-colored skivvies, which actually fooled many people in the crowd, as you can see in the below video of this weekend's craziness. Yes, this brave crew bared all in the rain and everything.

The models were (nearly) naked in the rain. Photo: Frank Carrino

A little rain couldn't bring these models down. Photo: Frank Carrino

When an umbrella is your only accessory, it's the best accessory. Photo: Frank Carrino

Who needs clothes when you're wearing a smile? Photo: Frank Carrino 

The next day, we posed a very difficult challenge to our models: How do you survive SXSW without bringing along anything you own? You get creative, that's how. The models demonstrated that by donning everything from pizza boxes to trash bags to laundry baskets to cover their nearly-nude bodies. What a clever crew!

These models are giving us some serious Adam and Eve vibes. Photo: Frank Carrino

That's one way to stop traffic at SXSW. Photo: Frank Carrino

It's amazing what counts as couture when you're stripped of everything you own. Photo: Frank Carrino 

You want to know something even wilder? The participants in our new series Stripped will give up all of their personal belongings — from clothing to smartphones to furniture — for 21 days, only getting one item back each day. So yes, that means they'll be forced to walk around in the nude in public as they figure out what really matters to them most. Here's hoping there's a spare pizza box lying around.

Stripped is set to premiere this summer. Until then, get ready for the premiere of the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York City on Wednesday, April 5 at 9/8c, below.

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