Tabatha Coffey Gives Big Ang Fashion Advice

Tabatha Coffey Gives Big Ang Fashion Advice

And sets her sights on Dancing with the Stars?

By Lauren Metz

Is Tabatha Coffey out to save the mob next? Eh, maybe just their style. “[I’m] absolutely obsessed with Mob Wives!” the Tabatha Takes Over miracle worker gushes to HuffPost TV.

As for her own personal connection to the mafia, the Aussie hairstylist continues, “I would love to take over Big Ang’s wardrobe! I actually met her a couple of weeks ago and had to tell her to zip up a little because the girls were a little overexposed.” Now there’s an idea for a Season 2!

But what about Tabatha herself donning outfits teetering on the skimpy side? It’s doubtful you’ll see that happening, unless… “Would I be interested in participating on Dancing with the Stars? Um, maybe?” she says about taking another swim in the reality pond. “Would America want to see me dancing with the stars?” Definitely!

Now, aside from helping Angela "Big Ang" Raiola, who’s next on Tabatha’s “Save Me” list? Airlines.  “There are so many big corporations out there that I think could use my help. The first one actually is the airlines. Every airline in America could do with my help at the moment. I’ve been flying a lot and they’ve all been disappointing.”

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