Tabatha Coffey's Biggest Disappointment

Tabatha Coffey's Biggest Disappointment

"I am always disappointed if people don't change," the TTO star says.

By Lauren Metz

Like any job, Tabatha Coffey's mission to rescue troubled small businesses comes with its highs and lows.

"Sometimes the hardest thing is people being so resistant to me, because if I can't find a way to get through to them, I can't help them," the Aussie wonderwoman confides to Zap2it. "The hardest thing is trying to find their button. What is the button I can push that you will have your epiphany and you realize this has to change?"

In fact, getting a small business to cross over from the dark side becomes personal for the Tabatha Takes Over star. "I am always disappointed if people don't change. I get very emotionally vested in each of the businesses I go into. I really do think about them. When the cameras go down, I am still sitting in a hotel room thinking, 'What is the approach?' It doesn't go away for me."

But when someone sees the light, it's all rainbows and butterflies for Tabatha. Literally. "When I check back six or eight weeks later, I always have butterflies," she admits. "Even if they are willing to change, follow-through for some people is hard. That is the most gratifying thing, that I have been [able] to help someone keep their doors open. A lot of the salon owners have run with it and become incredibly successful."

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