Tamra Barney on her Cervical Cancer Scare

Tamra Barney on her Cervical Cancer Scare

And why that finally pushed her to remove her breast implants.

By Lauren Metz

Tamra Barney has many blessings to count this year, and the newly-engaged Housewife can put her health at the top of that list.

"I had a little health scare," the Real Housewives of Orange County starlet confessed on The Dr. Oz Show. "I go to the doctor and I have lumps in my breasts and I had cervical cancer that had to be removed… I'm talking to my doctor about ... doing a hysterectomy."

The mom of four spent the past five years wanting her breast implants removed, but lacked the self-confidence to do so. Ultimately, it was her health scare that put everything into perspective. "Feeling lumps in your breast that need to be biopsied is scary and made me wonder if my implants could make it harder to detect breast cancer... and why take the chance?" she writes on her Facebook page. "Removing my implants was a way of me taking back control of MY body mentally and physically."

Tamra -- who doesn't miss her supersized breasts "at all" continues -- "CANCER is a scary word and for the past year I felt like if I talked about 'IT' I would give it life and it would come back. Thanks to Dr Oz I felt comfortable to talk about it... as he put it 'it can help others.' I am going in for my second 6 month check up... fingers crossed!"

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