Teresa Giudice on Her Candor About Husband Joe in Her New Book: "I Got It All Out"

Teresa Giudice on Her Candor About Husband Joe in Her New Book: "I Got It All Out"

Here's why the #RHONJ author isn't holding anything back about her relationship in Standing Strong.

Teresa Giudice is opening up about her life like never before in her new book Standing Strong, which is out now. In it, she is incredibly candid about her relationship with husband Joe Giudice as he continues to serve his 41-month prison sentence, blaming him for "making such a massive mess" out of their finances and even expressing doubt over the future of their marriage. 

Teresa told The Daily Dish in an interview Wednesday that she viewed her new book as a way to deal with the hardships she's experienced over the past year, including the passing of her mother, Antonia Gorga, at the age of 66 in March, which is why she doesn't seem to hold anything back in its pages. "Writing my new book Standing Strong was really therapeutic for me to write because after the loss of my mom, that's when I started getting really angry. I lost time out with my mom. I lost 11-and-a-half months with her [when I was in prison], so I got angry, and that's what you see in the book. I got it all out," Teresa shared. "Sometimes when you let everything out, you feel better, and you can move on from it. I let Joe know how I felt, and so he knows, and hopefully things will just get better from here."

In fact, Teresa promises that Standing Strong will give readers an intimate and enlightening look into her life since Joe's prison sentence began in March 2016. "I think everyone will learn a lot more about everything I've been going through this past year," she teased. 

Teresa will share some emotional family moments this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Check out one of them, below.

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