The Countess Opens Up her Castle

The Countess Opens Up her Castle

LuAnne de Lesseps gives a tour of her new Manhattan apartment.

By Rachel Stein

After searching high and low last season, The Real Housewives of New York City's LuAnn de Lesseps has found her new home, and she's already showing it off.

The Countess gave Fox News' iMag a tour of her new Manhattan apartment. It's definitely a step up from the places she looked at last season — instead of having the ultra-modern Soho style, her new home is very "Chic C'est La Vie." And we can't thank the LuAnn enough for her great apartment styling tips. Here's what we learned from her tour:

Match your building's aesthetic: LuAnne mentioned her new building has an Art Deco style. In order match the interior of her apartment with the character of its exterior, she mixed funky decorations with vintage artwork.

Go dramatic: As soon as you walk through the Countess' door, you're greeted with charcoal-colored walls and bold pieces. Her living room is accented with a few loud pieces (love the zebra rugs!), giving her rooms really interesting and elegant looks. She also has fresh flowers throughout the apartment, a feature she describes as dramatic, classy, beautiful, and inexpensive.

Mix high-end with budget: LuAnn is not ashamed to admit that, "Even Countesses love bargains!" While her walls are decorated with fancy French illustrations and beautiful cut glass, she shares that she bargain hunts at stores like T.J.Maxx.

Add personal small touches: Our favorite thing about LuAnn's style is that it's so infused with personal flair. We love the lips (a gift from Jacques--aw!), the Zarin Fabric pillows, the pictures taken by her photographer friends, and the amazing pop-art painting of the New York Housewives.

Be creative with your resources: How great were the candles in the non-working fireplace? And because space in Manhattan is oh-so limited, the Countess turned her living room into a place perfect for casual dining and entertaining.

We can't wait to see LuAnn hang out in her new digs next season. Maybe by then, she'll have turned her bathroom into a recording space!


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