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The Millionaire Matchmaker's Chelsea Autumn: Where Is She Now?

The former #Matchmaker star gives an update on her life and reveals what Patti Stanger is really like. 

By Jocelyn Vena
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For three seasons, Chelsea Autumn was one of Patti Stanger's key team members on The Millionaire Matchmaker. The world was introduced to the Vice President of Matching at Patti's exclusive Millionaire's Club when the series debuted on Bravo back in 2008. She, along with fellow matchmakers (and real-life couple) Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff, assisted Patti in all sorts of romantic endeavors. The team focused their efforts on finding VIP clients, who could sometimes (and, let's face it usually) verge on the impossible when searching for their one true loves. It wasn't always easy, but the team definitely had each other to lean on through the good and bad clients. Chelsea left the show — and Patti — after Season 3, and, as it turns out, that camaraderie was one aspect from her employment that she missed most following her exit. 

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"It was very close and I think that's what I miss from it because we spent so much time together and we were kind of like a family unit," Chelsea told The Daily Dish. "I think that what was hardest for me."

While reflecting on her time in front of the cameras, Chelsea says, "I don't have any regrets at all. I think it was a great learning experience. Each season, I think, brought a different learning experience. First season I was really scared and then by the third season, I'm kind of like, 'Why did I leave? I kind of liked the experience and the cameras and getting to know everyone' and kind of got comfortable with it."

Upon leaving to pursue other endeavors (which would include her own matchmaking service), Chelsea had to cut ties with Patti and the crew. And she hasn't spoken to Patti, Destin, or Rachel since. "Oh yeah, I'm sure [she was mad]. I don't really know. I didn't really speak with her. I'm sure, I mean I understand I completely understand why," she said, before reflecting on her former boss. "She's definitely like shark when it comes to business. It definitely takes a certain type of personality to deal with her and that's not really why I left. I got very used to her personality and she can be a teddy bear deep down inside. But it was just time for me to grow, for me to kind of become my own person. And there really wasn't any more room for me to grow with her because she is such a big personality."

These days, Chelsea has taken her focus off of matching and instead works mainly as a relationship counselor. "I have my Masters Degree now from Pepperdine [University] in clinical counseling. I'm really focusing on helping people find the love that they want," she said. "Sometimes I do do matchmaking, but I also really want to get to the core person and why they don't have that the love that they want, need and deserve. So I'm really focusing on that."

There's a very important reason for why Chelsea wants to help hapless singles. "I think especially with society nowadays, with the Bumbles and the Tinders and all this online stuff, people are really craving love but they're really afraid of being vulnerable," she said. "So I think it's kind of like catch 22: we have all of these things out there, we can meet people, but we're also kind of closed-off too because [we think] there's someone else around the corner. [I like] really getting to the core part of them that's lacking, so they can attract that love."

And that means, she's also working on herself. "I'm actually currently single, so it's very interesting," she said. "I have zero patience for the swiping stuff, from personal experience. I think after being in school and doing my the business, I'm really working on myself. I'm finding that each day I do that, I'm a little bit happier and I feel a little bit like I'm attracting people who are more on the level that I'm on."

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