The Morning After: NYC Housewives or Gossip Girls?

The Morning After: NYC Housewives or Gossip Girls?

On this week's episode, the wives were forced to choose teams.

By Melanie Caselas

Labor Day is a big weekend in the Hamptons for New Yorkers, and last night on The Real Housewives of NYC it was more gossip than play. Before a "just add music" dance party with Ramona and Mario, Bethenny and Jason get drinks with the couple to discuss Ramona's sassy, new haircut as well as both of their altercations with "classless (countless) LuAnn" earlier that day.

This episode's social butterflies, Ramona and Mario later grab dinner with Alex and Simon, during which Ramona invites them to her Labor Day party. Conversation leads to guilt and Mario calls LuAnn to apologize about the "countless" comment. Passing the baton over a lovely fruit salad, LuAnn plays the voicemail message for Jill who translates the message into a simple, "Bring it on, Bitch."

Jill decides she's between a rock and a hard place and calls Ramona to decline her Labor Day party invite. Little does Ramona know, Jill has her on speakerphone in front of LuAnn as she rants away about rude LuAnn. Politely, LuAnn notes her appreciation of Jill's loyalty.

So happy Labor Day and cheers to picking teams. Kelly ends up attending LuAnn and Jill's party, while Ramona, Bethenny, and Alex (not so comfortably a la skinny girl cocktail logo talks) spend the afternoon together. Alex and Simon attempt to leave early, but Ramona and Mario pressure them to stay. The big twist? Alex calls Jill and LuAnn and dishes all conversations had at Ramona. We never could have guessed that Alex might take a step away from Simon and turn out to be the Real Housewives mole. But I suppose that's just what happens when you take the Housewives to the Hampton's. [xoxo.]


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