The Morning After: Team Bethenny or Team Jill?

The Morning After: Team Bethenny or Team Jill?

Are there air kisses in the future for the two feuding Housewives? Get the latest NYC scoop.


Last night on The Real Housewives of NYC, it was break-ups and make-ups, and mostly major hang-ups. It's becoming almost impossible to keep track of all these frenemies. Is it time to declare that the New York housewives are at war? If so, we're going to need a scorekeeper.

A trip to Brooklyn to choose a favorite new designer turned into a repeat offender for Kelly and Bethenny. But before Ramona could unzip her front-zipper dress, the women were offering hugs and air kisses, and moving forward. Our favorite housewife moderator, Alex, couldn't have said it better: "We managed to have drama and pick fashion." But these tiffs seem to be the bottomless bread basket that is the appetizer to our main course.

The real dish of last night was the jaw-dropping phone call between Jill and Bethenny. Unlike her "good make-up sex" with Kelly earlier in the episode, Bethenny's anxiety-provoking phone call to Jill only made matters worse. Quick recap: Jill is mad at Bethenny for not being there for her while Bobby was sick, and Bethenny is mad at Jill for not responding to her e-mail. Or was it for responding too much? Either way, Bethenny had wanted Jill to "get a hobby," and it seems that Jill just won't let that go. She says her new hobby is her family, but we wonder if it might also be chats with Perez Hilton. Only time will tell.

Next week it looks like Bethenny and Jill will get some face time. Are air kisses in their future? It would be rather satisfying to see Jill and Bethenny back together again. Anger like that could really only stem from love, right? Jill says they're done. We hope that's not the case. How are we to choose between Team Jill and Team Bethenny?

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