The Oscars Swag Bag Includes a $55,000 Trip to Israel

The Oscars Swag Bag Includes a $55,000 Trip to Israel

And that's only the beginning of the travel-related perks.

By Ko Im

A-listers get tons of free things — especially around award season in Hollywood — and we're definitely envious of some of the goodies inside the 2016 “Everyone Wins” Oscars nominee gift bag, valued at over $200,000. The mountain of swag includes everything from a "vampire breast lift" (use your imagination) to fancy toilet paper. And some of the bigger-ticket items... are literally tickets.

According to gift bag company Distinctive Assets, there's a $55,000 all-inclusive, 10-day trip to Israel for two to fly first class and explore the country with a private escort to ward off any fans or paparazzi. 

Celebs in possession of the bag can also take a companion on a really expensive walk: a 15-day walking tour around Japan worth $54,000.

Any star who prefers to stay domestic can take a glam road trip (or just borrow an Audi to get photographed while going to the supermarket) for a year. The Silvercar rental estimated at $45,000 includes concierge service.

If one needs a place to rest their laurels or drown their sorrows luxuriously, the giveaways also include complimentary stays at the posher-than-posh spa Golden Door in California, or the Grand Hotel Excelsiors in Italy and beyond. 

Anyone who who was tapped in the categories of Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, and Director gets gifted with these travel goodies (and all the rest of the swag). Whether they get the golden statue to keep at home while they fly away to far-flung destinations is another story.

Now where do we sign up as the plus-one? 

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