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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Potomac

We Finally Found the One Thing The Real Housewives of Potomac Can Agree On

There's no arguing over the most iconic RHOP moments, that's for sure.

By Laura Rosenfeld

The new season of The Real Housewives of Potomac is coming at you this summer, and it promises to be "fire," Candiace Dillard Bassett recently told The Daily Dish. We know that to be 100 percent true, just by watching the trailer for the new season.

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As we look forward to all of the awesomeness that RHOP Season 5 is sure to bring, we asked the returning cast members to look back on all of the memorable moments our favorite ladies from the P have already served up on the show. Candiace, Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, and Monique Samuels all shared their picks for the series' most iconic moments so far, spilling some behind-the-scenes tea in the process.

Find out what moments will always be the word on the street for the RHOP crew, and catch up on Season 4 through the Bravo app.

A Grande Dame Is Born (Season 1)

People Come for Karen Huger All the Time

RHOP wasted no time in bringing the drama. The very first episode of the series gave us the first of many showdowns between Gizelle and Karen. When the grande dame tried to school her friend on etiquette after she thought Gizelle sat in what should have been the guest of honor's seat at her birthday dinner, Gizelle was having none of her lesson, instead deciding to use Karen's framed etiquette rules as a mirror.

Realizing that she wasn't getting through to Gizelle, Karen stormed off. The camera cut to Karen in the interview chair, where she delivered what is still one of RHOP's most famous quotes: "People come for me all the time; they just don't find me."

That line still tops Karen's list of her all-time favorite RHOP moments. "That was great," she told The Daily Dish.

The Shade and Sand Flew at Bethany Beach (Season 1)

Sorry Ashley, Gizelle and Charrisse Will Not Stay in Twin Beds

Ashley graciously welcomed the RHOP crew to her vacation home in Bethany Beach, Delaware for their first girls' trip together in Season 1, which included a twerking contest, a night at a drag club, and a surprise visit from her husband, Michael Darby, much to Karen's chagrin.

And of course, there was drama over the ladies' accommodations, particularly from Gizelle, who wasn't too thrilled about sleeping on a twin bed. "I complained, ooh, I complained," Gizelle recalled of the moment to The Daily Dish. "But as I look back, we had so much fun. Robyn [Dixon] and I sharing that little kiddie room with those little kiddie beds, going out and eating crabs and walking on the beach and actually nobody knew who we were. Amazing and fun!"

Ashley said that she also loved hosting the RHOP squad, despite the drama. "Now I know the ladies threw a little bit of shade and a little bit of sand on our vacation, but we got to know each other on such an intimate level. We were vulnerable with each other. We opened up," she told The Daily Dish. "It was a really good sister circle moment that we shared together."

Karen's Kisses (Seasons 2 and 4)

Karen Huger Has a Very Special Kissing Technique

We all know that Karen's marriage to Ray Huger is an institution, and maybe that's because she has perfected how to lock lips with her man. RHOP fans first got a taste of Karen's truly unique smooching technique when she planted a big kiss on Ray at their 20th anniversary party in Season 2. "Girl, it was slobberville," Karen admitted while looking back on the moment. "I had to left, right, lock it down."

Karen finally shared her smooching secrets with her friends — whether they liked it or not — during their Cayman Islands vacation in Season 4, complete with a full demonstration. "How could we ever forget how to control the tongue?" Gizelle said.

No, we wouldn't be able to forget it, even if we tried!

Class is in session for Karen's kissing lesson and more memorable RHOP moments in Season 4 available now through the Bravo app.

Monique's Jaw-Dropping Family Memories (Seasons 2 and 4)

Did Monique Samuels' Water Just Break?!

One RHOP moment became Monique's favorite after she saw it on TV. During her first season on the show in Season 2, Monique and her husband, Chris Samuels, put their son Christopher and their daughter Milani to bed separately. However, they both sang them the same exact song as they tucked them in. "We had no idea until the show aired, and it's just so cute," Monique told The Daily Dish. "It's just so cool that we're able to watch our kids like literally grow on TV."

But Monique knew she would never be able to forget the moment she pranked her husband into thinking her water broke way before the due date for their third baby in Season 4. Monique was so convincing with her performance that Chris even called 911 before she quickly told him it was all a joke and made it clear there was no real emergency. "To this day, whenever I see clips from that scene, I cannot stop laughing," Monique said. "And I think my husband finally thinks it's funny."

Can't Get Enough of Cannes (Season 3)

Gizelle and Karen Run Away From a Mime

There's one girls' trip that seems to be the crème de la crème for the RHOP cast: their Season 3 getaway to Cannes, France.

It was clear that this vacation was going to be legendary even before the ladies stepped foot on the plane when Monique presented her invitations to Gizelle and Karen — mid-argument — via a mime. "Oh, how could we forget the mime?" Gizelle told The Daily Dish. "The mime almost got beat up, mmmhmmm. Mime, go away!"

Another bit of drama served as inspiration for what would become Ashley's favorite part of the trip. She and Robyn decided to playfully act out that umbrella moment Robyn had with Monique earlier in the season for Monique's birthday celebration. "I had such an incredible time in France when we did the skits for Monique's birthday. Robyn and I were re-enacting the moment, the umbrella scene between her and Monique," Ashley shared. "And it was nice to see everybody laughing about it. Monique was cackling, Robyn was having a good time. It was really nice to put humor on what had been a very tense situation. And there was really no better background to do it than the South of France."

Gizelle and Karen's Never-Ending Lobby Drama (Seasons 3 and 4)

Karen Huger Calls Gizelle Bryant a "Phony"

You never know what's going to happen during a RHOP vacation, but one thing we can pretty much guarantee is that Gizelle and Karen are going to get into it in a hotel lobby. They have had some of their biggest showdowns over the past four seasons in the lobby of their hotels in Cannes in Season 3 and the Cayman Islands in Season 4, which Candiace has been glad to get a front-row seat to.

"Gizelle and Karen and these damn lobby fights," she told The Daily Dish. "You're supposed to be the matriarchs of the group, and here you are cutting a fool, acting a whole mess in lobbies across nations. We're doing this in France, we're doing it in the Cayman Islands. What's next?" 

Candiace also offered up some advice for Gizelle and Karen: "Come on, guys, get it together."

Pizzagate Unboxed (Season 3)

The Moment Gizelle, Ashley, and Robyn Deliver Pizza to Karen's Great Falls Mansion

We always love a good costume moment on The Real Housewives, and Gizelle, Robyn, and Ashley served up one of the most memorable in Season 3 when they staged a pizza delivery to check the validity of Karen's Great Falls, Virginia move. Robyn disguised herself as a pizza delivery guy and rang Karen's doorbell with a pie in hand. 

Unfortunately, the so-called "Green-Eyed Bandits" plus Ashley walked away without any answers and without a pizza, leaving the delivery on Karen's doorstep after no one answered. However, the moment did ignite some major drama among the ladies after Karen later discovered the pizza and found out how it ended up at her house.

Ashley still maintains that it was all in good fun, and it is still a moment from the show on which she fondly looks back. "Now, I know that Pizzagate was not well received by all parties, but Gizelle, Robyn, and I really didn't mean any harm when we delivered pizza to the Huger residence. If anything, we were expecting Karen to open the door and give us a slice with a glass of wine and everything would have been fine," she said. "However, Karen did not have the same idea. In hindsight, I hope that Karen can now laugh about it because, really, it was meant to be a fun joke. Ms. Huger did not take it that way."

The Wig Shift Seen 'Round the World (Season 3)

Karen Huger's Wig Moment At the Barbecue

When Candiace invited all of the Potomac Housewives to a barbecue in her first season of the show, Season 3, she probably didn't realize it would be lunch and a show. Karen's wig didn't appear to hold up too well in the elements, and it started sliding down her head while she was having a discussion with the ladies. So, of course, she had to take a minute to readjust it.

"This is probably like my top moment," Candiace told The Daily Dish. "Oh my God! Karen's wig needs its own zip code because that thing was trying to leave her forehead, leave her skull. That wig was not here for Karen Huger."

But Karen is owning that wig shift moment, just like she does with everything. "Honey, that heat hit me and that sun and the glue was melting and the wig was going left and right," she said. "I had to lock it down. But I have to give that moment credit for inspiring me to create my own wig line."

Candiace Says "I Do" (Season 4)

Candiace Dillard and Chris Bassett Exchange Wedding Vows

Candiace's road to the altar definitely wasn't a smooth one, thanks to her mother, Dorothy, but even some prenuptial drama couldn't put a damper on her big day with husband Chris Bassett. The two officially tied the knot on August 11, 2018, and we were cordially invited to their wonderful Washington, D.C. wedding in Season 4 of RHOP.

"Wedding is definitely in the top two. I got married, and I got married for all of you, in front of all of you. That was fun. It was memorable," Candiace gushed. "To have my wedding memories, but then to share them with the public, that was amazing."

Ashley Gets the Best News Ever (Season 4)

Ashley Darby and Michael Darby See Their Baby for the Very First Time!

We've been there for all of the highs and lows in Ashley's life over the past four seasons of RHOP. So of course we were more than thrilled when we heard that she and Michael were expecting their first child together at the end of Season 4, news that Ashley was definitely over the moon to share.

"My most precious, sensational moment was when Michael and I learned we were pregnant with our son Dean," Ashley shared. "After suffering a miscarriage and trying to expand our family, to learn that Michael and I were having a baby was the most incredible time in our lives, and as a woman, as a mother, as a person, that is something that I will remember forever, and I'm thankful that I got to share it with all of you."

Ashley and Michael welcomed their son Dean on July 7, 2019, and we can't wait to meet him in Season 5 of RHOP.

Want more RHOP? Catch up on Season 4 through the Bravo app.

Check out what you can expect from the new season, below.

Your First Look at The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5

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