The Surprising Link Between Travel and (Steamy!) Sex

The Surprising Link Between Travel and (Steamy!) Sex

They call it wanderlust for a reason.

By Alesandra Dubin recently released its sixth annual “Singles in America” study, conducted among a huge group of more than 5,500 people between the ages of 18 to 70-plus. And our ears really pricked up at some of the fun stats related to singles and traveling. 

First off, traveling is the third most popular pastime, with 52 percent of singles claiming to enjoy it — though there is a large gender gap there: A full 58 percent of women like to travel compared with 44 percent of men. Those who enjoy travel are 57 percent more likely to be looking for love than singles who don’t travel. And it turns out it’s actually older people who prefer travel, compared to millennials. 

Another fun fact for your online dating tool arsenal: Those who like travel are 84 percent more likely to order wine on a first date. (So brush up on that wine list knowledge ahead of a big date with a wanderluster!)

But now here’s why you clicked on this headline: The study found that those who like to travel were more likely to have had sex in the year, more likely to have had multiple orgasms, and more likely to have had sex in public than people who don't like to travel.

And then get this: The study also derived some interesting stats from a sub-group of people who said they’d had one-night stands while on vacation. That group was 224 percent more likely to expect sex on a first date, and close to 200 percent more likely to want to date casually without commitment.

In even racier findings, that group was 273 more likely to have filmed sex compared to other singles. And (wait for it): That group was also 607 percent more likely to have had a threesome!

Now scurry on along and modify your online dating profiles — and swiping choices — accordingly.

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