Is Thomas Ravenel Dating Anyone?

Is Thomas Ravenel Dating Anyone?

#SouthernCharm's Kathryn C. Dennis had a different answer to that question on Twitter.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Thomas Ravenel's love life has had its fair share of ups and downs over the course of three seasons of Southern Charm. Now that we know that he and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Kathryn C. Dennis are officially not romantically involved anymore, has Thomas gotten back in the dating game? "Currently, I'm not seeing anyone," Thomas told a caller during Monday night's Watch What Happens Live (clip above). 

However, Thomas does have an idea of what he's looking for in a woman. "The qualities I'm looking for, someone who is normal. Infer from that what you will. Someone who's not volatile," he said. "I actually have narrowed it down to hair color. Redheads need not apply." 

But Kathryn had a different story about Thomas' love life on Twitter Monday night. "Thomas has a 20 year old girlfriend who didn't graduate high school practically living with him," Kathryn tweeted. "She sent a video rubbing her bottom all over every single counter in Thomas Ravenel's home [where our children's bedrooms are right upstairs]."


"I know nothing about that," T-Rav told Andy Cohen in response to Kathryn's tweet on WWHL.

Later on in the show, Thomas explained why he and Kathryn seem to often have heated exchanges on Twitter. "I think it's more retaliatory," he said (clip below). "Sometimes, I have a problem controlling my temper, as you notice on TV. I've stopped doing that lately."

Speaking of Whitney, one caller suggested that Thomas should look to the filmmaker's mother Patricia Altschul for a date. "If she were 10 years younger, and I were 10 years older," Thomas said. "I was supposed to go out with Whitney later. He probably canceled the plans." 

Hopefully that wasn't the case, considering the fact that these two always seem to have an epic night out together.

See what else Thomas and The Real Housewives of Dallas' Cary Deuber had to say during the WWHL After Show, below.

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