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15 Todd Chrisley GIFs That You Can Use in Case You Need to Feel Sassy

Explore the many moods of the Chrisley Knows Best father.

By Tamara Palmer
Todd’s Househusband Tagline

Todd Chrisley turns 50 on April 6, and we're celebrating the colorful Chrisley Knows Best father by taking a look at his many, many moods that have been captured onscreen — in GIF form. If you don't watch the show, you may be unaware of just how expressive and witty he is, but here it's totally distilled for pure social media potency. What's especially brilliant about these little animated bursts of fun is that they're eminently shareable, so please consider these your arsenal for when you're feeling super sassy and ready to let everyone know just how it is with you (via the magic of Todd). 

Stop acting entitled

Here's a hell of a way to check someone who thinks they should have something special coming to them.

Don't you know who I am?

You better recognize!

When you've done too much

We all step over the line sometimes, but it's important to recognize it.

Inner peace, come now!

Namaste means "the divine in me bows to the divine in you" and can be uttered when you need to calm down and center yourself from someone else's divine foolishness.

Are you talking to me?

Surely, they're not addressing you with this crap.

Give me space

Behold the perfect warning GIF to post when you've had it up to here with everyone.

You there, just stop talking

Be extra careful of when you choose to deploy this one, because the person you say it to may really never say anything back ever again.

Butt out

When people need to mind their business, let Todd tell 'em.

Keep it simple, stupid

Did someone say something truly stupid? There's a GIF for that.


An efficient way to let someone know that you are not having it.

A higher power

Your friends may not have known that you're a deity, but they will now.

Go away

Here's how to instantly shut down any argument immediately. Thanks, Todd!

How to intervene

Is a loved one neglecting their own wellbeing? Todd can help.

Bad meaning good

Todd appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen with this gem of a line that can be used if you think the word "bitch" can be a harmless compliment.

Stay classy

A simple rhyme can remind a friend to do better the Todd Chrisley way.

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