Tom Sandoval Breaks Down New SURver Lala: "She Wasn't Exactly Honest"

Tom Sandoval Breaks Down New SURver Lala: "She Wasn't Exactly Honest"

The #PumpRules SURver weighs in on the drama around the new staff. 

By Jocelyn Vena

Working at SUR isn't for the faint of heart. And one of the new SURvers is learning that lesson very quickly this season on Vanderpump Rules. Hostess Lala Kent made an, ahem, strong impression on the more experienced staff, including Jax Taylor. And after revealing rather quickly into her employment at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant that she would need to jet off to Italy for a modeling gig, Katie Maloney and Sheana Shay didn't exactly think they could trust her. But what does Sandoval think of all this? 

"Lala wasn't exactly honest. You know watching [that episode], right off the bat, and I'm the one that actually knew that immediately because I have 15 years in the modeling industry experience and I know 100 percent that nobody's going to fly somebody in from L.A. to Milan unless they are Gisele," he told The Daily Dish.

Overall, he seems optimistic about how the newcomer will fare. "Besides that hiccup, for the most part [the new staff has] been really good because they've all been open books as far as who they are. We've had issues with people. You know, obviously our show is very real and we've known each other for many years and were a very tight-knit group and people want to come in and put on a front or try to act a certain way or whatever and that never works." -Reporting by Crystal Puccio

Get to know Lala a little better in the clip below. 

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