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'Top Chef' Live Chat Play-by-Play: International Flavor

'Top Chef' Live Chatters talk Ethiopian Sourdough, beef tongue, and rice overdone.

Top Chef fans from across the country joined together last night to chat LIVE about their favorite (OK, and least favorite) chefs and dishes. Hundreds of fans and would-be Cheftestants sounded off from Quickfire to Elimination. Host Bravo Monica kicked things off with a quick viewer poll about the now infamous “Pea-Gate” incident in last week's episode. “Do you want to hear about Pea Puree-gate anymore?” was the question at hand, and few chatters had lost their zeal to know the truth about the mysterious disappearing pea puree. An overwhelming 79% of voters said “Yes – I want justice served!” while only 21% voted “No, our national nightmare is over.”

Live chatter chuck17102 said he thought that “since Ed did not care enough to at least bring it up during judges table, then I don't care about pea-gate anymore.” But chatter Judd Shaprio reminded Chuck that this was bigger than one man: “You have to care about pea-gate, Chuck. We all have to care. Think about the children.” Indeed, return-chatter dfunkmcgunk -who's quick to remind us she's eating for two these days - was surely thinking of her own pea in the pod when she said “Poor Ed! I know Alex stole it.”

But as the show was starting, someone needed to put an end to the controversy so that everyone could focus on this week's episode. As usual, chatter Judd Shapiro came through in fine style, quelling any more speculation when he said, “I stole it. I confess!” Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Shapiro. Please report to the town square tomorrow morning for death by Pea Puree.

When the Quickfire Challenge was announced, chatters were just as shocked as the Cheftestants that they would be cooking Ethiopian food, and some were happier about it than others. Bravo Monica said she wasn't too big on Ethiopian food and she  “couldn't get past the bread because I don't like sourdough.” But Patty, always the contrarian retorted simply with “luv sourdough.” Live Chatter Ruby agreed, saying “I hear you, Monica, I don't like sourdough either. This is going to be a tough challenge.” But later, even Bravo Monica admitted she'd probably give it a chance: “I think if I had Marcus' food though, I might change my mind.”

It wasn't just the sourdough that was stirring the pot either. Chatter Jason White commented on a few of the proteins used in the Quickfire, asking, “Leg of goat, beef tongue? Interesting.” But West Coast Host JohnnyBravo gave the tongue a lashing when he said “Never been a fan of tongue. Don't like the idea of food tasting me back!” But by now, everyone was starting to get a little hungry, like cerebro1974 who said he “would love to eat some of the food on this Quickfire!”

Tiffany captured the Quickfire, but the live chat was ready to move on to more important matters, namely season villain and infamous pea-bandit Alex and his face plant into a nearby stove. Chatters perhaps enjoyed his misfortune a bit too much.

“Alex is a spaz. That fall was hilarious,” giggled MichaelRussell. Jedsalawyer gave a simpler explanation, “karma,” but one unnamed guest stuck up for Alex scolding the crowd with “Can't believe how mean you all are... pretty gross.” Bravo Monica admitted as much with her self-deprecating “I’m HEARTLESS!”

In the Elimination Challenge, the Cheftestants were assigned a country and then had to cook a dish inspired by that country’s cuisine. Karla Johnson spoke for a lot of chatters when she said “Yum. Kelly’s looks so good.” But not everyone agreed. Joy, a chatter who spoke in all caps all the time,  screamed to the room that “CARPACCIO IS NOT COOKING.”

Maybe not, Joy, but Kelly still ended up in the top three for the challenge. Kevin and Tiffany joined her on top and the chatters exploded when Tiffany won the ten grand and vowed to use it to pay for her wedding. Barbara G gushed “Yeah did it, enjoy your wedding day!”
To the surprise of no one, most chatters wanted to see Alex pack his knives and go. Grandma Carol could hardly contain her glee when Alex finished in the bottom three, “oh boy, let's see Alex go!” she said.

An overwhelming 84% predicted Alex as the loser, but in the end - much to the chatters' dismay - it was  Stephen who ended up on the cutting board. Again, Ruby summed up the room’s feelings “OMG, I'm in shock! It should have been Alex.”

And with that another exciting edition of Top Chef was over. MichaelRussell had this prediction before the night ended, “Next week… Alex goes home. We can only hope.”

And we can only hope to see everyone again next week for another Top Chef Live Chat!

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