'Top Chef's' Fabio Viviani Fights Childhood Obesity

'Top Chef's' Fabio Viviani Fights Childhood Obesity

Cheftestant aims to change America's eating habits.

By Lauren Metz

Sure, you may recognize him, but Fabio Viviani doesn't consider himself a celeb chef. In fact, he kind of despises them. "I'm not really a fan of celebrity chefs," the Top Chef All-Stars contestant tells the Broward-Palm Beach New Times. "Celebrity chefs have a lot of money and work little. I work 16 hours a day."

While slaving away in his gourmet kitchens, the Italian fan fave is also creating a nonprofit site that will teach American families how to ditch the sugars and processed foods for good. "Kidshealthcafe.com is a Web site for parents to find outsourcing information to promote healthy diets for kids. We're building the Web site, and then when the Web site is built, we'll file the 501c3, nonprofit status."

Getting America off the fat track and slapping us into reality has become a passion for this Cheftestant. "American kids have health issues that belong to 80-year-olds in my country. There's something essentially f***ed up about how screwed up nutrition is in America. Diabetes, heart disease, ADD, ADHD -- these are all nutritional issues. In America, you can't drink a glass of wine until you're 21, but you can drink a can of soda that has 20 spoonfuls of sugar."

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