True Story: Andy Cohen Played Plead the Fifth With President Obama

True Story: Andy Cohen Played Plead the Fifth With President Obama

It all happened at a fund raiser held by Andy's pal, Sarah Jessica Parker.

By Mike Hess

Andy Cohen and Barack Obama

You can't invite Andy Cohen anywhere unless your guests are ready to 'fess up in an old-fashioned game of Plead the Fifth ... even when said guests are President Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

During a fund raiser held by Sarah Jessica Parker, the President was working the crowd and eventually came upon Andy, who's longtime friends with SJP. And as he does pretty much wherever he goes, the Watch What Happens Live host "stole the show," according to Daily Beast writer Jonathan Alter, eventually explaining the rules of Plead the Fifth to the crowd and urging Mr. Obama to play.

According to the Beast article, the Prez asked Andy: "Are you going to give me all three questions up front?" Just because you're the President doesn't give you that right, so Andy said no chance, but Barack was still game. "Well, there are going to be some nervous people in the back of the room," Obama joked.

Andy's first question: What's the best perk of being President? Obama answered that he loves sitting out on the Truman balcony for "date night" with Michelle.

The next question wasn't such a softball.

In true Andy fashion, question number two was: "Choose an outfit that Michelle wears that you don’t like. What is it and why?" Needless to say, Obama chose to plead the fifth on this one, drawing lots of laughter from the crowd. "No way. I’m not crazy," he said when Michelle implored him to answer.

Thankfully for the Commander in Chief, the third question was an easy one, about potentially embarrasing musical choices -- of which the prez says he has none that would make him blush. However, for a good workout, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones get good amounts of play.

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