Video Recap: Fights, Temper Tantrums and More on 'RHONJ'

Video Recap: Fights, Temper Tantrums and More on 'RHONJ'

Gia has a meltdown, and Joe Giudice goes off on Teresa.

Miss last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey? Don't worry – we pulled together all the highlights from last night’s Spoiled Sports episode, put a bow on them, and humbly offer them to you now.

For a full detailed recap, Teresa Giudice's attempt to explain to her husband the failed talk with brother Joe Gorga shown in last week's episode. Teresa calmly begins the story, until Joe interrupts her, having heard enough already. "You're a f------ idiot for even going to f------  talk with your f------- r----brother," Joe says as the two are driving. After attempts at a defense from Teresa, Joe closes the door on the conversation with an exclamation point.

"Don't bring him in my house. The kids don't get together then ... we can't get along with those people. Those people are no-good jealous idiots ... I say something you listen and shut up."

Teresa's analysis of the situation? "It's the perfect example of why you shouldn't tell your husband everything... Wow, is my husband a true Gemeni."

You Listen and Shut Up!

Later in the episode, Jacqueline Laurita hosts a field day to get everyone together competing in some good old-fashioned sporting fun. However, Gia wasn't exactly feeling the team spirit and went into kid meltdown mode when Jacqueline tried reading a book. Jacqueline tells Teresa that Gia was in a bit of a mood even before the incident, causing Teresa to clamp down and say "I don't get invovled with anybody else's kids, don't get involved with my kid."

Jacqueline seems to understand the situation, saying that her daughter Ashlee "started at like 10 or 11" with similar tantrums and swings. In the end, Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline win Gia over once again -- and lil G even wins a giant hunk of provolone cheese.

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Gia's Breakdown

And just in case there was too much drama, Chris Manzo brought some much-needed comic relief with his gem of an analysis of Kathy Wakile. "I love Kathy Wakile. We always say she's made of porcelain, rainbows and a child's laughter. She's just harmless. She doesn't want to hurt anybody, she wants to help. She reminds me of my mom to be honest, just with less testosterone," he says before bursting into laughter.

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Like Caroline but with Less Testosterone

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