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West Breaks His Silence on Ciara After Reunion: “Our Breakup Felt More Mutual in Real Time”

West Wilson also defends introducing Ciara Miller to his parents and reacts to Paige DeSorbo's reunion comments.

By Allison Crist

The details of Ciara Miller and West Wilson's shocking breakup came to light during Part 1 of the Summer House Season 8 reunion on June 6, but according to the latter cast member, there's more to the story. 

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"Our breakup felt more mutual in real time than it turned out to be on reunion day," West said in a just-published interview with Vulture. "Ciara’s reaction was a lot different than I had interpreted."

West went on to reference the December 2023 dinner that was first brought up on the reunion, during which he and Ciara broke up and she subsequently went "no contact" with him.

"When we stopped talking, it felt like a mature conversation," West recalled. "We agreed on a lot of things, and it was emotional but it didn’t feel like she had that much animosity toward me. You never want to see someone who you care about get their feelings hurt, but that’s not how I thought it played out in real life at all."

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West Defends Introducing Ciara to His Parents and Taking Her to a Wedding

Ciara expressed her belief that it's "mean to take someone to your parents' house and want to sleep with them when you have no intention of doing anything," on the reunion, in addition to revealing that she and West were hanging out every day and doing things like going to weddings together

West's response? "I don’t put as much weight into those things as she does, and that was a mistake on my part."

"I mean, I’ve taken a lot of girls to weddings," he continued in the interview. "Not to say it didn’t matter — I am the minority that thinks it can be fun and casual to do those things. This was a lesson: You can’t just be casual about sh-t like that when an entire other person is on the other side of it."

Ciara Miller sitting outside with West Wilson's father on their farm.

West Explains Not Being Able to "Commit" to Ciara for "Show-Related Reasons"

Ciara told West on the reunion, "[You told me] that you can't commit because, basically, for show-related reasons."

West, however, told Vulture, "I didn’t word things correctly. I was trying not to break the fourth wall too hard. Dating on the show is not the most fun experience given that we coexist with these relationships in real life."

"I thought it was going to look like I used this girl to be on the show," he continued. "'Ciara’s toy' is what I was seeing online, and it’s probably an immature ego thing, but I was like, oh, am I just going to be some guy who came on a show under the umbrella of another person? That’s not fair to her at all, but that was another thing where I was like, do I need to be my own person?"

Ciara Miller and West Wilson at a wedding together.

West Reacts to Paige DeSorbo Criticizing Him at the Reunion

West explained that in addition to being surprised by how Ciara perceived their breakup, he was also taken aback by what Paige DeSorbo had to say during the reunion. As he put it, "I texted Paige right after Ciara and I ended, and she was like, 'Oh, don’t worry. It’s just timing, not a big deal.'"

That said, West knows that "everyone’s emotions and thoughts about the whole thing funneled into the reunion," he added. And thankfully, "No one hates me. I still have good relationships with everyone."

Why West Regrets the Summer House Reunion

When it comes to the reunion as a whole, West didn't bother to defend himself. 

"There are 9 million things I wish I said that I didn’t. Frankly, I did a horrible job explaining," he recalled. "I was nervous, and if I could do it again, I would try to respond to other people less. I don’t think I ever actually sat there and told the story from my perspective. But at the same time, I am the reason it played out that way and I hurt someone else’s feelings. I don’t want to bash someone or fight to the death to get my side of the story out for someone whose feelings I hurt."

West Wilson wearing a tan suit in front of a themed set.

"Hopefully, in the long run, just taking it will play out better than if I tried to state why things happened the way they did," West concluded. "It’s going to look real bad in real time, but I just am not the type to sit up there and sh-t on a relationship that I actually cared about when it was going on."

Hear more from West and Ciara during Part 2 of the Summer House Season 8 reunion, airing on Bravo Thursday, June 13. Episodes stream the next day on Peacock. 

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