What Does Dolores Catania Think of Danielle Staub?

What Does Dolores Catania Think of Danielle Staub?

The New Jersey mom had been privy to rumors about Danielle over the years.

By Tamara Palmer

Now that Danielle Staub has stepped back on the scene in The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she has encountered some women, like Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker, who heard all about her before they actually met.

"I've never heard a good thing about Danielle," Dolores admits to The Daily Dish. "Siggy and I aren't malicious people; we give her the benefit of the doubt. Although take heed, when everyone has the same opinion about someone and you don't hear one good thing, then maybe there's some truth to it. Everybody can't be wrong. However, I let that go. I was not going to take that into consideration."

Despite hearing so many negative stories, the ladies still gave her a fair shot.

"I welcomed her with open arms, Siggy as well, and then really, really quickly, she showed her true colors that she is everything everyone says. So it went downhill from there."

Can a friendship be formed? Maybe eventually, but right now, Dolores says, "Not my cup of tea."

—Additional reporting by Chantel Morel

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