What’s in Your Carryon? Travel Bloggers on Their Vacation Essentials

What’s in Your Carryon? Travel Bloggers on Their Vacation Essentials

By Alesandra Dubin

If you’ve ever found yourself on a long-haul flight wide awake with a dead tablet — well, that’s a novice mistake. Six experienced travel bloggers shared with The Daily Dish the go-to items they always include in their carryon bags. So next time, you can avoid the amateur pitfalls by coming prepared for contingencies and comfort just like the pros!

Photo: Elizabeth Seward

“Studio over-ear headphones and at least a few albums I haven't heard yet, my laptop (I always feel a great creative surge of energy in the air), a good book, any medications always stay with me, a healthy snack, and any toiletry or cosmetic item that will make me feel fresh at my destination: deodorant, tinted moisturizer with SPF, lip balm, and gum go a long way.” —Elizabeth Seward, A World and a Way

“Even with the latest technological advances in in-flight entertainment, airlines still use puny, staticky headphones! Why?!I always bring my own. And if I think the entertainment is only available if I use my own mobile device, I make sure my iPad is fully charged since some of the seats don't have plugs. Unfortunately, I've learned: no entertainment equals my children running amok!” —Amy Bates, Red-Eye Family

“I always pack snacks, an extra shirt in case the plane is cold, and tissues. Never leave the house without tissues because you never know when you'll need them for bathrooms that run out of toilet paper.

Sometimes it's the most obvious things that people don't realize should always go in their carryon bag. Anything valuable, sentimental, or fragile, all IDs, credit and debit cards, money, jewelry, electronics. Medications should always going in your carryon, and not just enough for your flight. If your checked luggage goes missing for several days and you have important prescription medicine in there, you could be in big trouble. You should always pack at least enough toiletries and a change of clothes for a day or so in case your checked luggage gets lost.” —Ali Garland, Travel Made Simple

Photo: Hillary Richard

“[Travel organizer tool] Grid It. I have to bring a lot of equipment when I travel (cameras, laptop, et cetera) and this helps me keep all of my chargers and wires organized and easily accessible. Packing cubes and folders (I use Eagle Creek and EBags): These claim to save space in your luggage. I’m not 100 percent convinced of that, but they do save me a ton of time. Having my luggage compartmentalized makes unpacking and repacking so much quicker and simpler, and it’s easy to find exactly what I’m looking for. The folders are fantastic for keeping nicer clothes safe and wrinkle free.

Burt’s Bees. I need my products to be versatile, high quality, not too expensive (in case I lose them), and highly functional. I use Burt’s Bees products every day, but I love them for traveling. I love the chap sticks (the pomegranate is my favorite because it feels extra luxurious) and eye cream, which I have to apply regularly on flights to keep hydrated. The lip sheers are the best I’ve found for getting flattering, moisturizing lip color on the go. They blend in a way that doesn’t require a mirror or precision application, which is excellent while traveling.” —Hillary Richard, Life With Luggage

Photo: Diana Edelman

“I always travel with Tylenol PM or something similar: On long-haul flights, I have a really difficult time falling asleep, especially if in a crammed coach section, and I also start to get really achy.

I bring my journal. I tend to be quite personal on my travel blog, but for some reason, air travel makes me want to put pen to paper, and is often the only time I still journal. I love putting on some quiet music, and simply writing my thoughts on my upcoming trip.

[I bring] a USB charger: For long-haul flights, nothing is worse than running out of battery power on my phone or e-reader or laptop. I bring the essentials that are either expensive or cannot get replaced easily: medicine, laptop, camera and gear.” —Diana Edelman, D Travels ‘Round

“One thing that I’ve put in my purse for constant carrying is a converter. I made the mistake a few months ago in not bringing my converter to Europe with me, so now it’s in my travel purse constantly.”  —Susan B. Barnes, Travlin’ Girl 

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