Where Are They Now: Queer Eye's Vegas Couple

Where Are They Now: Queer Eye's Vegas Couple

To celebrate the show's 10th anniversary, Tsiliana and Asher share how their lives have changed.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy turns 10 years young today, and we're celebrating the anniversary of Bravo's groundbreaking, Emmy-award winning show with a full-day marathon of classic episodes. (Tune in, now!)

To celebrate the show, we caught up with one of the Fab Five's greatest makeovers: Asher and Tsiliana. The New York couple fell in love and got engaged after meeting on a dating website. They had a difficult time planning their wedding due to his orthodox Jewish background, her non-religious family and their own wishes for their nuptials. But thanks for the Queer Eye guys, they eloped to Las Vegas, where the Fab Five gave them a wedding makeover and threw them a dream ceremony (Carson Kressley even officiated!).

These days, the two are still happily married and have two children, Jared, now 6, and Naomi, 2. Even better: since his makover, Asher has maintained his eye for fashion and still wears the Testoni shoes given to him by the guys on the episode.

Where Are They Now: The Queer Eye Guys!

Below, Asher's wife Tsiliana checks in with the Dish and shares how their lives have changed since their Queer Eye-styled wedding.

"Asher and I are doing fantastic! If it weren't for Queer Eye swooping in to save the day, I bet you we'd still be engaged right now trying to coordinate a wedding! Fortunately for us, our two families have come to appreciate one another's cultural differences and found an amazing middle ground—our two children! I got pregnant with our son exactly 4 months after the show. (Thank you Queer Eye for facilitating the birth of our two gorgeous kids!) Jared is 6, and Naomi is 2—both born on May 1st. So today we are happier than ever! We are currently in contract for a new apartment in Queens (please feel free to come over and help us make it Queer Eye saavy!) and more in love today than the day Carson officiated and tied the knot.

"And, thanks to the guys and Bravo, Ash has fallen in love with Testoni. He wears his wedding shoes all the time, even to work on a regular basis! He's definitely stepped it up! He still fits in his gorgeous tapered tan Carolina Herrerra suit, which is timeless and classic, and even wore it last month to a family wedding.He got tons of compliments—we were the best dressed couple there, thanks to you guys! He understands now that a fitted/tapered look compliments the body and not to fear trying lighter shades for summery occassions, even if you're a "bigger" guy. Way better than the baggy dark clothes he used to wear.

"Ash has also taken to the kitchen. He's now a great cook! Before we met he didn't know how to hard boil an egg...Now he'll prepare full dinners for me on nights I come home late from work. Ted Allen taught us about good cutlery and silverware and we bought ourselves a set of Wusthof knives with our Bloomingdale's giftcard, which we still use to this day.

"Since our wedding, we've have actually been back to Las Vegas. We went a few years ago and stopped by Caeasars to rehash where all the magic began. We've also watched the show at least 100 times since getting married, and even showed it to Jared recently, who kept saying I can't believe "mommy and daddy are kissing on tv!"

"We're excited to see our wedding on air today and Happy Anniversary to the Fab 5! You've given us the wedding of a lifetime."

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