Which of Kim Zolciak's Exes Makes Her Squirm?

Which of Kim Zolciak's Exes Makes Her Squirm?

The #DontBeTardy star sits down with Andy Cohen to discuss #RHOA and former flames.

By Jordan Upmalis

Kim Zolciak is an honest person, whose love life has been well documented by the Bravo cameras throughout the years. Now happily married (and finally honeymooning), the Don’t Be Tardy star sat down with Andy Cohen as part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta's 100th episode celebration to discuss her dating life before she became Mrs. Biermann.

When asked about the elusive Big Papa, Kim pretty much played down their relationship. “He lived in Atlanta, he was in real estate, he chased me for a year and he was just kind of my best friend,” she told Andy. As for him taking care of her financially? She sort of skirted that issue, too. “I was a nurse at the time, I worked really hard,” she said. And here’s the real kicker: Big Papa actually dropped Kim off at the charity event where she met her future husband, proving some things are just meant to be. Let’s relive their fated first encounter.

Although Kim was open to talking about Big Papa, there’s one ex she wasn’t willing to walk down memory lane with. “What happened before you met Kroy?” asked Andy, causing the former RHOA star to squirm. “Oh crap,” she said with a smile. “I’m not talking to you about that.”

Remember Tracy Young, the DJ who helped remix Kim’s “Don’t Be Tardy”? Well, let’s just say Kim took a dip in the lady pond. And let’s leave it at that.

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