Which 'WWHL' Guest Made Andy 'Sweat'

Which 'WWHL' Guest Made Andy 'Sweat'

He also reveals how he gets prepped for Housewives Reunions.

Watch What Happens Live made a triumphant return last night after a brief summer hiatus—so naturally the time is right to grill Andy Cohen on the one guest who made him lose his cool.

In the latest episode of Ask Andy, his assistant Daryn gets him to open up about the one time he couldn't stop sweating. "I think I flirted with Ricky Martin too much," he says. "And I sweated a lot which I hated. I hate it when I get overcome in sweat...I started to get a little nervous. The thing that happens when I sweat is that I realize that I'm sweating and I sweat some more."


Last week, Andy also sat down with the RHONY Housewives to tape the reunion, set to air later this summer. So Daryn found out how Andy gets prepped for the special.

"I anticipate them being emotional and amped-up," he says. "I used to get anxious. And now, it's not even a big deal anymore. I used to go for a run the morning of, and I would be like, 'I have to get my head into this.' My head's already in it. It's just kind of another day at work now."

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