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The Daily Dish Below Deck Mediterranean

Look Who Just Joined the Below Deck Med Season 6 Crew

Meet the Lady Michelle's newest yachtie.

By Laura Rosenfeld

With an extra bunk available and a deck stew on standby in quarantine, Captain Sandy Yawn gave Katie Flood the option of bringing this yachtie aboard to lend a hand in the interior this season of Below Deck Mediterranean. The chief stew ultimately decided to take Captain Sandy up on her offer, and the new crew member arrived in the August 30 episode of Below Deck Med.

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Delaney Evans climbed aboard the Lady Michelle, and we immediately learned that she is one smart yachtie. "I graduated Berkeley with a degree in media studies, which is part-psychology, which I thought was super interesting because I love learning how to get people to do what I want," the new crew member shared in an interview during the episode, adding that she also gained a new appreciation for the water during her time in college. "The best thing that happened because of Berkeley wasn't actually school-related, but I joined the sailing team and had a really good time."

After being greeted by David Pascoe, Delaney introduced herself to Captain Sandy and shared a little bit about her background on boats. "I worked as a sailing skipper in Croatia and Greece. I did, like, 35 weeks of charter over three years during the summers," she said. "Anything from 35 feet to, I think, the biggest I did was 62 feet."

However, Delaney admitted that she didn't have as much experience working in the interior. "Yeah, I mean, I never really touched the interior because it was a lower level of charter that we wouldn't do the beds every day or anything like that," she explained. "But definitely whatever it took to keep the guests happy."

Captain Sandy asked Delaney if she would still be able to assist the stews in the interior on the Lady Michelle. "Yeah, I'm willing to help wherever is needed," Delaney said.

Delaney maintained that level of enthusiasm when she met Katie. "So I've never been a stewardess before," she told the chief stew. "Excited to help. Everything will be new."

Despite Delaney's lack of experience in the interior, Katie decided to give her a shot as a stew, immediately getting her up to speed with a tour of the yacht, introductions with the other crew members, and leaving her with Courtney Veale to learn her the ropes of laundry, which the new yachtie felt pretty confident she could pick up quickly. "I mean, I do my own laundry at home. It's not like I don't do laundry," Delaney said in an interview during the episode. "I mean, I was valedictorian in high school. I'm not an idiot. I'll figure it out."

Katie later said that "if she is gonna try, then I can try," when it comes to Delaney. The chief stew even told some of the other crew members during the charter that Delaney was "actually doing all right considering she's never been a stewardess before" during her first day on the job.

It wasn't all smooth sailing, however. Though Delaney had no problem rooming with Mathew Shea, Captain Sandy later found out that the yacht's management company would not allow a man and a woman to stay in the same cabin. Katie, who is in charge of cabin arrangements, had Mat temporarily room with chief officer Marten since the charter was already in progress, and she would later have to totally reconfigure the room assignments now that Delaney is on board.

This news didn't sit well with Katie or the rest of the Lady Michelle crew as it would cause a major disruption to the charter season. "That's a bummer, though," Delaney told Katie when she heard about the situation with the cabins. "I obviously didn't want to cause more work than was need be."

After Delaney's first day as part of the Below Deck Med crew, Katie met with the new stew in the bridge and expressed her misgivings about letting her continue the charter season. "You have been great since you've been here. The thing is, I was under the impression you were a deck stew. It said on your CV you've been a stew, and you haven't really, you know? I'm not, like, having a go at you about that; it's just, like, people say things, and it's like, for me, do I take that risk if I know you're not doing what you actually want to do?" Katie told Delaney. "And now with all these rules and regulations, it's just, for me, it seems like it's causing more problems than it's worth, and I don't mean that  [to]as you as a person. It's just we cause all this commotion, we move six people around, and all the stuff that's been settled."

Delaney then addressed the chief stew's concerns. "I think that's slightly unfair to assume how I would act in the future based on [how] I've only acted and done my job great so far," she said. "I think that it might be fair to give me a chance, given I've been doing a really good job so far."

Katie agreed to let Delaney stay until the end of the charter, at which time they will revisit the conversation. "She's right. She did try. It wasn't like she wasn't trying or anything like that; it was just causing me more stress," Katie said in an interview at the end of the episode. "But now I'll just have to see where we're at at the end of the charter."

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