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Who is Joe Benigno? Get to Know Margaret Josephs' "Super" Husband

Here's everything to know about the RHONJ husband, Joe Benigno, including what he does for a living.

By Sophie Vilensky
Joe Benigno on the Worst Christmas Gift He Bought Margaret Josephs

As Margaret Josephs has made a name for herself over the years on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, her husband, Joe Benigno, has become a Bravolebrity in his own right.

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In 2017, the pair joined the Bravo family when Margaret (and her then-signature pigtails) signed on as a full-time Housewife for RHONJ Season 8. When viewers first met the duo, they were in the midst of a major home renovation.

"The fabulous Super Joe said it was gonna be a quick turnaround. But guess what? Six months is not a quick turnaround," Margaret said in Season 8 Episode 3 as the camera caught shots of her unfinished house. According to the Macbeth Collection owner, Joe decided he was the only contractor allowed inside the house because he'd seen how other workers looked at his wife. (To be fair, he was viewing the situation from personal experience.)

"He's delusional. I mean, it's adorable," Margaret added in the episode.

So, what is there to know about this New Jersey Househusband? Learn more about Joe Benigno's job, passions, and love life—including what makes his relationship work.

Who Is Joe Benigno?

Margaret Josephs on Her Relationship with Joe Benigno

"It takes a strong man to be with a strong woman," Margaret said during a 2021 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (above).

A self-described "cupcake connoisseur, contractor to the stars, master plumber, and Harley riding husband" according to his Instagram bio, Joe is extremely loyal to his favorite things, from motorcycles (he posed with one during the RHONJ husbands' charity calendar photoshoot in Season 13 Episode 1) to Marge.

“He is the most gentle, confident, kind being. He has a twinkle in his eye. There’s not an ounce of darkness in his soul," Margaret gushed in 2023 during an exclusive fan Q&A. “He never comes from a place of ‘no,’ he always comes from a place of ‘yes.' He makes me feel like I can do anything.”

What Does Joe Benigno Do for a Living?

All of the Jersey Ladies (and Husbands) Can't Stop Raving About Joe Benigno

Joe is a plumber and contractor. Every so often, he'll let fans in on his job, sharing snaps from his day-to-day work on Instagram. In 2020, he posted about a new boiler he'd installed for Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga

"Can u duplicate yourself please? Men like you are a dream to have," a fan commented on the post. "Well thanks very much," Joe replied.

Margaret and Joe's Relationship

Margaret Josephs Joe and husband Benigno

In Season 8 Episode 1 of RHONJ, Margaret described the beginning of her relationship with Joe, when she "ran away with the contractor" (a.k.a. Joe) while married to another man. Joe was also married to someone else at the time.

"We were meant to be together," Margaret said in the episode, defending the couple's love affair.

Freshly divorced, Margaret and Joe eloped to Las Vegas in 2013. They'll celebrate their 10th anniversary in June 2023.

In the Q&A mentioned above, Margaret shared the pair's secrets to a successful relationship.

“Fight it out. Don’t go to bed mad. Do whatever it is to make your relationship a priority,” she said. “Don’t take your phone out during dinner! You also have to make sex dates. You gotta keep the spice going!”

In the same interview, Margaret was asked about her favorite things Joe does for her.

“Besides the fact that I get a massage almost every single day, he packs my suitcase for me. He’s an amazing packer.”

While both Joe and Margaret have children from their previous marriages, their kids prefer to stay off TV. Still, Joe happily shares his role as "Grandpa Joe" to Margaret's creative director Lexi Barbuto's son, Nino, on his Instagram feed.

Joe Benigno's Plastic Surgery

Joe Benigno at the RHONJ Season 12 Reunion

During the RHONJ Season 12 reunion, Joe debuted a newly zhuzhed face. After Andy Cohen commented on how fantastic he looked, the handyman revealed what he'd had done.

"My wife, after four years, convinced me to go before a surgeon and they cut all the fat out,” Joe said, motioning to his eyes.

This isn't the first time Margaret has had a say in her husband's appearance. In 2021, Joe revealed she picks out his clothes for him.

"I can get away with picking out work shirts and work pants. And that's about it," Joe shared during the The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11 After Show

Joe Benigno’s Friendships

While Joe is no doubt Margaret’s favorite person on RHONJ, he has some other fans on the show: His fellow Househusbands.

Over the years, Joe has cemented solid friendships with many of the men of RHONJ, especially Joe Gorga and Frank Catania. From boys nights to poker games and vacation antics, the Garden State guys certainly enjoy each other’s presence.

In March 2021, Frank shared a snap on his Instagram of the men hanging out. 

“Mixing business and friendship and it all ends up good,” wrote Frank, the ex-husband of RHONJ cast member Dolores Catania, in the post’s caption.

Naturally, it’s not just the husbands that love Joe. During a March 2021 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Dolores expressed her own adoration for the contractor.

“Oh I’m so hot for Joe Benigno. You don’t even know. Ask Margaret. Like, it’s crazy,” she said.

When Joe Threw Marty Caffrey in a Pool for Insulting Marge

Margaret Josephs and Joe Benigno Throw Marty Caffrey Into a Pool!

And then there is the iconic Season 9 RHONJ moment when he helped Margaret push Danielle Staub’s then-husband Marty Caffrey into Jennifer Aydin’s pool.

The ordeal went down after Joe saw Marty for the first time since a bachelor party. At the party, Marty had made some comments about Marge that didn’t sit right with her doting husband and, when he continued on his tangent at Jennifer’s anniversary party—telling Joe that his wife “emasculates” him—Marge and Joe decided to take matters into their own hands as the other Housewives looked on.

Soon enough, Marty was in the pool, suit, watch, and phone included.

“I think you’re the one emasculated now, sh--head,” Margaret said to a soaking Marty. On their way back inside, the couple passed Danielle, and Marge calmly explained the situation.

“Your husband’s in the pool,” she said.

“What?! Who threw my husband in the pool?” Danielle replied, decidedly less calm, as she looked back at a retreating Marge and Joe.

“Me and my husband.”

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