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The Daily Dish Southern Hospitality

Who Is Joe Bradley from Southern Hospitality? Meet the VIP Manager of Republic

The Southern gentleman might not have been a ladies' man when he was younger, but he's growing into the role.

By Jamontae Hickman & Talia Ergas

Southern Hospitality follows the work and personal lives of the staff members at Leva Bonaparte’s popular Charleston nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge. As a VIP host-turned-manager, Joe Bradley often finds himself at the center of the drama, whether it be work-related or love life-related.

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Despite Leva’s warnings, over Seasons 1 and 2, Joe has found himself entangled with a number of his female co-workers including Mia Alario, Maddi Reese, and most recently Salley Carson.

Here’s what to know about Joe’s background, career, and personal life.

Where is Southern Hospitality's Joe Bradley from?

The Southern Hospitality cast member comes from a “successful family” in Atlanta.

In Season 1, Episode 6, Joe explained his complicated relationship with his father, especially as it related to his career aspirations. “I love my dad and I respect the hell out of him, but, you know, sometimes it’s really hard to see eye-to-eye with him, and it’s just like that walk on eggshells thing,” he shared. “I think that he was very successful at a young age, and for a long time I was very lost in what I wanted to do... I think I just have a lot to prove to my dad.”

Joe has a sister named Caroline and a brother named Mike, of whom he has shared photos on his public Instagram feed over the years.

“People can call me ‘man candy,’ but I was not always a guy that girls were looking at,” he shared in a confessional in the series premiere. “[I] definitely wasn’t like, you know, the heartthrob when I was younger.”

Joe Bradley in front of a step and repeat at the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse in New York City.

Where did Southern Hospitality's Joe Bradley go to college?

Joe attended the University of Michigan, where he studied art and design, as well as communications.

According to his Southern Hospitality cast member bio, Joe ultimately dropped out of college.

Joe Bradley and Emmy Sharrett standing next to each other in a doorway.

How did Joe Bradley get his job at Republic on Southern Hospitality?

Before he began working for Leva, Joe had a series of entry-level jobs and worked as a sales representative for Bradley, a luxury furniture and textiles brand, according to his LinkedIn page.

At the beginning of Season 1 of Southern Hospitality, Joe was a VIP host at Republic and said that he eventually wants to be a restaurateur entrepreneur like Leva and her husband, Lamar Bonaparte.

In Season 1, Episode 6, Joe approached Leva about wanting a promotion. “It’s been a year and a half,” he told her. “I just feel like I’ve kind of been plateauing here… My goal would be to learn every facet of the company.”

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After saying she was “personally invested” Joe’s growth at Republic, Leva promoted him VIP manager, a role in which he would manage the VIP experience, front of the house, and sales.

At the time, Leva told him that “as a manager, you’re not going to be able to date anyone here.” (He did not exactly listen.)

Although Joe has been good at his job, Leva announced at the end of Season 2 that she was promoting Emmy Sharrett to Assistant General Manager of Republic, which would oversee Joe.

“I feel like Emmy doesn't deserve a promotion," Joe said in a confessional on the Season 2 finale. "I think that I was overlooked by Leva for this opportunity. I feel disrespected and it really upsets me.”

Joe Bradley holding up a sign that says: Happy 10th anniversary Republic

Joe Bradley’s Relationship with Maddi Reese

Daily Dish Southern Hospitality Maddi Reese Joe Bradley Romance

In Season 1, Joe admitted that he had feelings for Maddi, though he hadn’t told her yet. In Season 1, Episode 2, Maddi made Joe jealous by bringing her ex-boyfriend, Trevor, to work and the two ultimately got back together. Joe was not a fan.

In the Season 1 finale (Episode 8), Joe revealed his true feelings to Maddi. “I like you so much,” he told her during a yacht party. “I adore you.”

Though Maddi initially felt conflicted given that she was dating Trevor, she later found out that Joe kissed their coworker Mia just minutes after confessing his feelings to Maddi.

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That night, Maddi and Mia confronted Joe together at Republic. “That’s so disrespectful, Joe,” Maddi told him.

Maddi’s boyfriend Trevor also confronted Joe about his behavior towards Maddi. “You need to create a boundary, and you need to not cross it,” Trevor said to Joe.

Joe Bradley’s Relationship with Mia Alario

Mia Alario sitting and glaring into the distance.

In Season 1, Joe and Mia admitted to kissing a few times, but it seemed they might have had different understandings of what that meant.

“Maybe part of me is doing this to get over Maddi,” Joe said of his date with Mia in Season 1, Episode 6. “Me and Mia are having fun.”

Unbeknownst to Mia, Joe told Maddi he had feelings for her in Season 1, Episode 8 before kissing Mia again in the car minutes later.

That evening, Joe admitted to Mia that he told Maddi he liked her, and Mia was not pleased. “The only person that I’ve ever had feelings for [at Republic] was you,” she told Joe, to which he replied, “I got over Maddi with you.”

Joe Bradley's Relationship with Salley Carson

Daily Dish Southern Hospitality Joe Bradley

In Season 2, Joe became interested in a new co-worker named Salley, who was a VIP host-in-training. “How do you look this good on two hours of sleep?” he asked her during a shift in Season 2, Episode 3.

Joe and Salley then had an intimate date at the his apartment in Season 2, Episode 5.

However, their flame soon went out after TJ Dinch told his Joe that Salley had recently “made out” with his roommate, Gaston Rojas. (Gaston is now in a relationship with Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green, which she confirmed in October 2023 after filming ended for Season 2 of Southern Hospitality.)

Salley admitted to Joe that she had, in fact, been seeing Gaston at the same time and apologized for the drama. Joe did accept her apology but was still hurt by the situation.

“I’m not only, kind of like, heartbroken and demoralized, but I feel like an idiot,” Joe shared in a confessional on Season 2, Episode 6. “Leva is right, it’s not smart to date co-workers."

Joe Bradley's Relationship with Summer House's Danielle Olivera

Danielle Olivera Joe Bradley

Joe and Summer House's Danielle Olivera connected at BravoCon 2023, and he shared more information about the chance encounter that led to a romance on a January 24 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

"In between panels, I remember walking down the service hallway [and] I saw her in the hall," Joe recalled of Danielle. "Every time I looked at her we, like, locked eyes. When you know, you know — you lock the eyes, and you're like, this is happening. In my eyes, I was like, you know what? I think I got a chance." 

When host Andy Cohen asked, "Have you two defined the relationship yet?", Danielle answered instead: "We're not seeing anyone else," she said.

Joe, for his part, told Us Weekly that week much the same thing, though he expressed his belief that he and Danielle had "moved a little two fast" and offered that he was "kind of pressing the brakes a little bit."

He confirmed on February 20 that the two had split up, according to Us Weekly.

“I think we both knew it was time, but we didn’t want to let go because we do have strong feelings for each other. It sucks," he said. "I don’t think at this stage of my life I’m the right guy for her, so it was best for us to end things on good terms."

Originally published Nov 8, 2022.

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