Who Is the Man with the Mullet on Southern Charm? The Mystery Is Finally Solved

Who Is the Man with the Mullet on Southern Charm? The Mystery Is Finally Solved

Shep Rose offers some insight into this "glorious" #SouthernCharm pal.

By Laura Rosenfeld

You know we're always in the mood to hear the Southern Charm ladies and gents spill some sweet tea. So when Shep Rose, Thomas Ravenel, and new gent Austen Kroll had a night out on the town in Monday night's episode, we knew we were in for something good. And boy, did we get it — but it actually came in the form of an intriguing unexpected guest: Shep's friend, Walker.

Now, you know that any friend of Shep's is going to be a hoot, and Walker did not disappoint. With his mullet and fly, red shirt, the man immediately grabbed our attention. Plus, he offered some very valuable advice to Shep in the dating department: that he needs to keep all of the names of the women he's hooked up with in his phone so he doesn't forget anyone (yes, that is a real problem for Shep).

Kathryn C. Dennis basically summed up our fascination with the mystery mullet man on Twitter: "I don't know the guy in the red shirt but I do know he's glorious and I want to be friends with him."


Shep agreed that was the "[best] scene in history. Or maybe just hair and shirt combo." He also spilled some deets about his friend on Twitter. The Southern Charm gent revealed that Walker is the lead singer of an "awesome" band called Crab Claw. He also describes Walker as "hilarious."

Unfortunately, it appears that Walker recently got rid of his mullet and has opted for a shorter yet still voluminous look.

She's gone

A post shared by CRAB CLAW (@crabclaw) on

A post shared by CRAB CLAW (@crabclaw) on

Mullet or not, we're still into Walker's look. At least we'll always have this "glorious" Southern Charm moment.

Watch Shep and Cameran Eubanks dish on more buzzy moments from the most recent episode of Southern Charm, below.

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