Who Is Your Fave 'Actors Studio' Guest?

Who Is Your Fave 'Actors Studio' Guest?

Vote for your favorite and hear James Lipton's thoughts on the winner in the special 250th ep!

By Rachael Roberts

When it comes to interviews, there's really no one quite like James Lipton.  Sure, Barbara Walters questions infamous heads of state and Walter Cronkite was quite the watchdog of investigative journalism, but without how would we know that George Clooney's favorite word is "shitzu" or that his biggest turn on is bravery?

And that delivery! The look out to the audience while asking a deeply personal question to someone like Robert Dinero in that measured...tender...scrumtrulescent way. It really doesn't get any better.

So with the 250th episode of Inside the Actors Studio coming up this summer, we've been reflecting back on the list of magical moments he shared with the greatest directors, television actors, comedians, and movie stars of our age. Seriously the list that includes Robert Redford, Natalie Portman, Betty White, and the cast of Mad Men never ends.

And we want to know which one is your favorite! In celebration of this momentous milestone, Bravo wants you to vote for your favorite episode in the Inside the Actors Studio Poll HERE!

We've narrowed it down to five picks, but we want you to name the people's favorite episode of all time. Choose between the powerhouse talents of Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, Dave Chapelle, and George Clooney. Whether comedy, directing, serious acting, or cross-dressing nannies are your fancy, let us know!

Can't decide? Well, to make it a little easier, watch clips from each episode as you cast your vote for gems like a fabulously '90s Meryl Streep comparing acting to falling in love. Dave Chapelle discussing the surrealness of James Lipton lauding his performance in Half Baked. Speilberg describing the magnetism of watching characters think (We do recall ET saying very little). This is sure to be a tough decision for the Bravo Academy -- aka you.

And the Inside the Actors Studio fun doesn't end there! Once we've tallied up the votes, James will give his inside (see what we did there?) thoughts about your pick. So if you want to hear more about what it was really like to sit across from George Clooney and discuss the nipples on his Bat suit, cast your vote now! James is waiting!

Seriously, vote here, James hates waiting.

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